Chapter 6: Powers?

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Chapter 6:  Powers?
We all said hi to Melany, and then she and Susan took their places at the table.  The food was delicious, and we all talked and laughed like we had been friends for ages.  I learned that Jo was Josh's sister, I had been right in thinking they looked alike.
Jo gave me all the details of Zilla and Chad's engagement, and all the details of the wedding, which was taking place in a couple of months.  I asked her if Zilla was a little young to get married, and she told me Zilla was nineteen, and Chad twenty.  "That's the normal age to get married when- well, you'll find out soon enough."
From what I heard, I thought that there were about five or six more people in our little group.
After we had finished dinner and a scrumptious cherry pie, Alex looked at Brian and I and said, "Alright then, Hillary and Brian.  Our newest recruits.  Ready to find out what this is all about?"
No one was laughing now.  I mean no one was looking dark or depressed, either, just not happy and relaxed as they had before.
Still, Brian and I nodded.
She looked relieved that we'd nodded.
"Alright then, let's go into the living room."
Susan now looked a little nervous.
"Er- I think I'll take Melany up to bed."  She gave Alex a pointed look.  "Purple room, right?"
"Ah yes.  I'd forgotten.  Of course, Susan.  And you may come and join us as soon as possible.  Jo, which room is prepared for Melany?"
"The Purple one", answered Jo, "We can rearrange if need be but it will work for now."
Susan nodded her thanks and steered her little sister out the door.
Chad led the way to a large living room.  The room was filled with comfy looking chairs and sofas.
We all chose a chair or sofa, and then everyone automatically looked at Alex.
She cleared her throat.  "Hillary and Brian.  I will start out by telling a story.  Please listen carefully.  You may have no idea how important this is."  We both nodded, and she continued.
"Long ago, but not forever ago, there were two people walking through the woods.  Their names were Sarah and Roberto, and they had married only a few months earlier, at the ages of nineteen and twenty."  Here Jo gave me a significant look.
"As the newlyweds were walking, they came suddenly upon a wall of stone.  It was just there, all of a sudden.  And in this wall of stone, there was a door.  They were both adventurous, and curious as well, so they turned the handle."  Alex sighed heavily at that part, as though it saddened her, and then continued.  "Once they entered through the doorway, the door closed behind them of its own accord.  They were trapped, and within a few minutes, the wall of stone disappeared.  It didn't crumple, it just wasn't there anymore.  All the young couple could see were trees upon trees upon trees.  They were still in a forest, but not the same forest.  These trees were taller than any they had ever seen, and the leaves were not ordinary green leaves.  Oh, there were green leaves, prettier than any leaf you'd ever seen before, but there were also leaves of different hues: purples and blues, yellows and golds, reds and pinks.  All of the trees were so beautiful that the two young people felt immediately at ease, and decide to walk further into the forest.  After a while, they came into a clearing.  In the middle of the clearing was a large, flat rock.  Set into it were six shining stones, each as large as an orange.  The stones were sapphire, ruby, emerald, alexandrite, pearl, and aquamarine.  As Sara and Roberto entered the clearing, two other young couples entered as well.  They all looked at each other, and spoke not a word.  But suddenly they knew what to do.  Without fully realizing they were doing it, all six young people walked to the rock, and they circled it until they were each standing in front of a stone.  Then, they placed both of their hands on the stone they had selected, and once all twelve hands were in place, something happened.  A strange gold and silver light filled the clearing, surrounding the young couples.
They all were a little surprised, but didn't take their hands off of the stones.  After a few minutes the lights faded, and they cautiously took their hands away.
They then discovered they had strange new powers.
Sara, who had placed her hands upon the sapphire stone, could work magic with water.  She could spin it into thread, roll it into a ball, and transport it from one place to another with the flick of her hand.  Roberto had chosen an emerald, and could now control the grass as it grew.  At his command, the grass grew tall or short, fast or slow.  The young man named David now controlled fire, due to the fact that he had placed his hands on the ruby.  He could eat it, touch it to his skin, but it would not burn him.  His wife, Helena, had stopped in front of the aquamarine, and controlled the skies.  They became grey or blue at her command, and she could work with Sara to produce rains.
The third young man, by the name of Zujion, chose a pearl, and was thus in charged of the wind, thunder, and lightning.  He flicked his hand and a storm brewed up quicker than quick.
His wife, a young and pretty girl, was blessed with the powers of the Alexandrite, and could talk to animals at will.
These young people lived at peace in this forest for many years.  They had many children, and the powers were passed down to them as well.  They were able to build a palace, boats, and they found animals to use for livestock.  They discovered that there was an ocean in this strange land, as well many rivers and lakes.  Everything was peaceful.
After many years, the original six passed away.  And though life continued as normal- new children with the powers were born, they ate and drank and slept- their descendants now spent a good deal of time arguing.  And soon the whole kingdom, which had earlier been named Stonieria, was in a six way civil war.  An enemy came from the outside, and he took advantage of the disagreements.  He used normal people as his slaves and army, and soon he disposed of the current rulers.  Now their were many people inhabiting Stonieria, and this evil Lord, Gastonez, was ruling.  Children with the powers were still being born though, and some of them somehow got out of Stonieria and into the regular world.  Lord Gastonez still hunts them, wishing to have them for his army.  And that is the source of your problems, Brian and Hillary.  Your power is welling up inside you, and you aren't using it.  That's why the windows break whenever you think a thought that has something to do with your power; it's why those shadows stalk you at night.  And the purpose of all of us being gathered here is to fight back!  We're going to win back Stonieria, and we're not the only ones.  There are about forty of us in this state, Virginia.  But there are more in other states, and in greater numbers!  Why, in Nevada, their numbers have reached three hundred!  And so.  That is why we are here.  Within three months, we will set sail for Amoria- a place we can be safe, and plan and prepare with others of our kind."
I was shocked.  I mean really really shocked.  And I must admit I thought she was lying.  But she wasn't.  Slowly though, some unknown part of my brain began to work, and I realized she was telling the truth.
"So- are you saying there are actually people who still have those powers?  There can't be," I said.
Alex smiled at me, a little sadly.  "Deborah, why don't you demonstrate?"  Deborah nodded.  She left, and returned with a glass of water.  She sat down and poured a little bit into her cupped hand.  At first, nothing happened.  Then, the water began to glow just a teeny bit.  Then it grew brighter, a brilliant blue.  And then Deborah was playing with it, making it into a ball and then bouncing it up into the air.  She made it into a long, thin, ribbon of water, and wound it so it was kind of a watery tornado, held in her hands.


I stared at her.  She grinned a little sheepishly and poured the water back into the cup, where it glowed dimly and then went back to normal. "I'm a little obsessed with water," she said. 
"And, then, Chad?"  Alex asked.  He nodded, and went to the fireplace.  He bent down, and, quite carelessly, casually, he scooped up some of the fire and held it in his hands.  Without wincing in pain.  
Zilla talked to her bird in fluent bird language I couldn't understand.  Josh made it lightning outside momentarily.  Jo caused a potted plant to grow to a length of twenty feet in two seconds.
I still could hardly believe it, yet it was happening.  
And then Alex looked, a little excitedly, at Brian and I.
"And now, to find out what your powers are.  This, I assure you, is fun."
Suddenly I wasn't in the living room anymore.

I was in the back of a crowded bus.
And then there was a strangely familiar and threatening face.
And then I was back in the living room as if nothing had happened.
"Now," announced Alex, "We can begin.
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