Crazy Crazy Crazy Writing Challenge Chapter 5: Twinkling Eyes

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And now for Chapter 5….
Chapter 5: Twinkling Eyes
After I had read for a few minutes, I got bored with the book.
I had read it before, and I had much more interesting things going on in my head-and, come to think of it, Zilla and her bird were a lot more interesting.
I tried to study Zilla more carefully without staring at her.  She seemed completely relaxed, not caring at all that I was there, though I was pretty much a stranger.  To me it seemed a little awkward.  Her bird was really exotic-looking.  I'd never seen or heard of a bird like that, not even in the zoo or one of my science books.   I wondered if she'd died the bird's feathers.  Nothing would really surprise me any more.  After I watched her for about fifteen minutes, she suddenly opened her eyes wide and opened her mouth as if to speak.  But she quickly shut it, looking a little startled, and whispered to the bird, "I can't, you know the rules.  Be quiet until after dinner."
I looked at her, quite confused.  She didn't even glance at me.  After about ten seconds she was back to looking relaxed.
I then stared out the window.  All I could see was a little bit of grayish blue-ish sky, and the brown leaves of an oak tree right outside the window.  This, too, got boring soon enough, but there was really nothing else to do.  I was quite tired, and thought of napping.  As soon as my eyelids began to droop, however, Jo's voice came from downstairs. 
"Dinner!"  She called.  Zilla's eyes snapped open.  She looked in my direction.  "Come on.  Follow me."  She stood, stretched, took out her earbuds and placed her iPod on the dresser, and then walked out the door, the little bird still on her shoulder.
I followed her down the stairs, into a hallway I had never seen before, and then through a door into a small, clean, and cozy kitchen.
Jo and Sara were there, as well as a shorter girl I hadn't seen before, with honey colored curls and bright blue eyes.  And we are talking bright.  Her eyes were turquoise, with little bits of sapphire in them.  They twinkled like stars.

Zilla now seemed fully out of her "relaxing mode".  She started chatting quietly but happily.  "Hello, Jo.  Hi, Beth.  Hey, Deborah.  That smells delicious, what is it?"  "Hi Zilla!  Have a good afternoon?"  Jo chattered right back.  "It's clam chowder, and there's biscuits I baked just this morning, and cooked peas."  "And," spoke the girl with the blue eyes who I guessed was Deborah, "there's cherry pie for dessert!  And I made tea, it's chilly today."  She smiled at me.  "You are Hillary.  Nice to meet you!  I'm  Deborah."  "Oh- Hi.  Nice to meet you, too," I replied.  "Alright then, Zilla and Hillary.  Will you guys carry these trays in?"  Sara gestured to two trays sitting on a counter, one filled with glasses, spoons, and cloth napkins, the other filled with bowls of a steaming soup that smelled delicious.  
Zilla nodded, picking up the tray with the bowls of chowder on it, and I followed her lead.
She carefully pushed open another door, opposite of the one we had come through.
Following her, I found myself in a large room.  It was all wood paneling, and it was warm and welcoming, reminding me of a log cabin.  A fire roared in a fireplace at the opposite end of the room, and pictures hung on the walls.  Well, actually they were more like paintings, beautiful paintings, and I wondered if Jo had done them.  There was a long table, almost as long as the room itself, with many chairs pulled around it.  A pretty blue tablecloth was spread over it, and a case of yellow roses sat in the middle.  I counted quickly and figured out the table would seat twenty.  I was a little awed.  Surely there weren't that many people here?
Zilla set her tray down and started putting a bowl at each place.  "Set twelve places", she instructed me.  "Each place needs a glass, a spoon, and a napkin."  I nodded to show I understood, and went about it.
I had just finished when Jo came in from the kitchen with yet another tray.  This one held twelve teacups.  "Ah, done already?  Great.  Here, will you place one of these at each place?"  "Of course,"  I smiled.  "Thanks!" she said, grinning.  She handed me the the tray and hurried back into the kitchen.
I studied the teacups.  They were beautiful, the designs were so intricate you had to really focus to see them.  But they weren't regular floral design teacups.  They small, detailed masterpieces displayed scenes from wars, parties, races, dances, and many other special events.  I didn't recognize any of them, but the people looked to be ancient. 
Soon, two older guys came in.  One was tall, with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.  The other was shorter, with blonde hair and green eyes.  Other than his hair, he slightly resembled Jo.
The tall one with dark hair breaks into a big grin.  
"Zilla!" he cries, hurrying over to her and swinging her high over his head so she almost hits the ceiling.
"How's the most beautiful girl in the world?"  
Zilla laughs, the first time I've heard her laugh, and she looks happier than I've seen her all afternoon.
The other guy comes over to me and whispers.
"They're engaged," he hisses in a disgusted voice.  "Bluh."
I try not to giggle.  He grins.
"So, you must be Hillary.  Brian's told me all about you.  Welcome aboard.  I'm Josh."
"Nice to meet you, and thanks," I say.  
After that, people start streaming in.  Alex comes down and seats herself at the head of the table.  Jo, Sara, and Deborah come in from the kitchen carrying plates of biscuits and bowls of peas.  Brian enters with a red-headed guy he introduces as Bret.  Bret doesn't seem to have much to say, but he seems friendly enough.  
I look around the table.  We're all seated, but there are two empty seats.
I wonder where the the other two guests are, but I don't have to wonder long.
Soon, a girl with long, straight blonde hair and brown eyes rushes in, dragging a young girl with her.  The younger girl looks a little confused, but she's very pretty.  She has mousy brown curly hair, and bright, sparkling brown eyes.
"Ah, Susan.  So glad you could make it a little earlier," says Alex warmly.
"Thanks," Susan says, smiling.  "Oh, and er- Everyone, this is Melany.  My sister."
The End.
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