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Hey Everyone!
Okaaay, so I just did a Sunshine Award Post this morning- buuut I just realized I was nominated by 2 other people- so sorry Girl in Ebony and Elly!  I have not really been keeping track of my comments (my bad), so I just realized this.  Again, so sorry! ;)
But, of course, I will do this again right this minute! ;)

Let me start with Girl In Ebony's questions :
1. Do you like the smell of rain?
Yes!  I love it <3
2. Worst and best book you've ever read?
Best book would be "On That Day Everybody Ate", and I don't really have a worst book ;)
3. What's your favourite thing about having a blog?
Mmmm… probably getting to share my thoughts and photos and stories :)
4. Draw a face on some food and post a picture as the answer to this question. (Yes I am getting you to stand up and do work. Enjoy it. Hahah this is actually quite fun! In a bit more than a week I will post a few of these that I made with my friend yesterday so if you want I can add yours to the post (with a link) :D)
Whaaaaaa-!? Okay, I will do this soon, but right now I have no fruit that my mom will let me draw on, sorry 'bout that ;)
5. Have you ever collaborated with another blogger? What was it like/Do you think it would benefit your blog?
Well, I have collaborated with a few people who were making blog designs for me, and I'd definitely say it has helped my blog :)
6. Cats or dogs? Why?
Dogs.  I love cats too, but dogs are more friendly and you can do more with them :)  Plus I own the best dog ever, so… ;)
7. Which fandoms are you part of?
Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Frozen
8. Favourite shop?
Mmm…. don't really have one, I actually like shopping at re-sale places, it's fun, you can find a lot of vintage stuff, and it's like a treasure hunt :)

And now for Elly's questions:
1. Favorite season?
Fall or Spring...
2. Favorite hairstyle?
Mmmmm… either a bun or a side braid :)
3. Why did you start blogging? 
Well, I just thought it was a really cool idea :)  So I started!
4. Swimming or running?
5. If you could have one super power what would you have?
Either the power to fly or the power to be invisible, those would be awesome ;)
6. What are you wearing right now?
Jean shorts, light blue and dark blue shirt, brown headband and side braid, black ballet flats, and a silver heart necklace:)
7. If you could be pen pals with anyone (such as a famouse person dead or alive even a book character) who would you want to be pen-pals with? 
J.K Rowling :)
8. What is your favorite part of blogging?
Sharing my thoughts, photos, and stories :)
9. Who is your fav book character? 
Percy Jackson or Ginny Weasley or Luna Lovegood ;)
10. If you could be in a book (like actually be in it and be in there world) which book would you be in? 
Mmmm… probably a Percy Jackson book :)

Thanks so much to both of you for nominating me! 

Thanks for viewing! 
-Anna <3 

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  1. Yayyy! Thank you for answering my questions after all! <3 Don't worry about not having seen the comment haha! Have a nice summer! :)

    Sorry for the fruit question hahah. I was in a random mood when I wrote that... >_>