Movie Tag!!! :D

Hey Everyone!
I was nominated by my AMAZING AWESOME WONDERFUL BFF, Hannah, for the Movie Tag!!!
YAY!!! :D :D :D  I am so excited, I haven't done this tag before :)
^I made this movie tag picture, I haven't seen any movie tag pics ;)  
I must say I am pretty proud of it ;)  Feel free to use it as long as you don't take the credit ;) ^
So anyways, now for the questions! :D
What Is Your Favorite Movie Of All Time?
Oh my gosh.  That is a really hard question.  I love all of the Harry Potter movies, my favorite out of those is probably Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2 or Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  And I ADORE The Sound of Music.  But The Lion King has always been a personal favorite…so yea, I think my all time favorite would have to be The Lion King :) <3
What's Your Favorite Scene From That Movie?
^This^, or…
Yea kinda hard to decide xD
What Are Your Favorite Actors/Actresses?
Bonnie Wright,
Emma Watson,
Evanna Lynch,
Jennifer Lawrence.
;)  Hard to choose ;)
 What Do You Think The Best Directors Are?
Well, I don't really keep up with who directs what and all that…but the the directors from all of my favorite movies have obviously done what I call a good job xD ;)
What Is Your Guilty Pleasure Film?
Don't really have one…I probably  watch Frozen a little too much though xD
What Is Your Favorite Tear Movie?

The 6th Harry Potter movie is definitely the saddest movie.
Although the only movie I ever come close to crying over is actually this…

:'( Gaaaaah! 
What's Your Favorite Movie That Everyone Hates? 
Well, most of the movies I like are pretty popular, but my siblings all hate The Sound of Music…I mea, REALLY!?  That's just not right!  I love that movie! <3 :) 

How can anyone hate that movie!?  Aye yi yi…
Favorite Movie Dou?
Not quite sure what this question is asking… xD
Favorite Animated Film?
The Lion King :) <3
Favorite Actor/Actress Crush?
Mmm… linda sorta Rupert Grint, I guess ;)  Although really it's more like Ron Weasley so yea not really sure xD

If You Could Only Keep One Movie What Would It Be?
The Lion King!  OR Harry Potter #8 ;)
 If You Were About To Die And Could Watch One More Movie What Would It Be?
The Lion King…yet again xD lol
What Was The First Movie You Remember Watching In A Cinema?
Well, when I was about 3 or 4, then we went to see Finding Nemo with my aunt and uncle and cousins, and I got really scared of the shark and didn't even finish the whole movie xD
But the first movie I remember seeing that I enjoyed was UP, it was really good! :)

^Sorry, using lots of pictures in this post xD^

Those were fun :)  And now, for the sake of beautiful randomness and awesomeness, here are a few more pics that sum up my favorite movies…

^This is horrible and funny at the same time…^

That was really fun :)

Thanks again so much, Hannah, for nominating me! :D 
Luv ya! <3 
Make sure to check out her blog by clicking HERE!!!!!
And I nominate…
Layne from In My Boots
Kayla from Laugh 'n' Love 
Thanks for viewing! :)
-Anna <3 

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