Attention! Book Lovers, Please Read!!!

Hey Everyone!
Okay, so I had an idea...
I am going to start a book blog.  I want it to be filled with reviews for good, wholesome books for girls.
But I am never ever gonna read enough books for all the reviews that I'd like to have on there...
So, who wants to join me!?  If you want to be a part, you...
  1. Are made an author on the blog...
  2. Are made your own about me page on the blog...
  3. Have your personal blog's button put on the blog...
Are not obligated to do a certain ammount of reviews.  Post as often or inffrequently as you like.
So yea, sounds kinda cool, riiiiight? ;)
Anywho, if you think that you would like to be a part, shoot me an email at the email adress 1pet3.6@gmail.com. :)  Please include your first name,  3 favorite books, and the link to your blog.  This is open to all girls, but if I find your blog inappropriate you cannot take part.

So, if you can spend an entire afternoon reading, and you love blogging, contact me :)
Thanks for viewing!!! :)
-Anna ♡


  1. Awesome idea! I love reading:)
    Also love the new blog design!

  2. Awesome idea! Reading is wonderful! I love the new blog design!

  3. Lovely idea, sounds wonderful! :) I LOVE the new design!


  4. Where did you find your template? Did you buy it or did you made it yourself? I love it! A book blog sound lovely I look forward to it!

    Love, Katrina

  5. Um, my email broke. I still want to write on the blog, but I know have a new email! Iwill email you.