Inspiration Challenge!

Hey Everyone!
Okay, so I was going to do an Inspiration Challenge when I got 50 followers, and when I said that then I had 49 followers, but since then 8 people have un-followed my blog :(
But anyway, I have decided still to go ahead and do the Inspiration Challenge, and hopefully my followers will spike back up soon ;)  So yes, I am pleased to announce the Banana and Bear Inspiration Challenge!!! :D

Okay, so this is not a contest.  If you enter it is for fun only ;)  
If you decide to become a part, here's what you need to do:
1.  Think about what inspires you.  Make a list.  Then do whatever inspires you…take a walk, ride your bike, listen to your favorite song, bake a cake, anything.
2.  Create a picture showcasing the things or activities that inspire you.  It can be a photo of all of these things, a collage, a sketch or a painting.
3.  Write a short paragraph, poem, or story about the things that inspire you or about your picture.  This part is optional, you can just stick with the picture if you like.
4.  Post your picture and written piece (if you decided to do one) on your blog.  
5.  Comment on the Inspiration Challenge Page and leave a link to the post.
*Note:  Please leave only one comment on this page, with the link to your post.  Questions can be asked by commenting on this post or other posts, it will be a lot easier for me to keep track of them if all of the links are in one place ;)*
You have until September 14th to complete the 5 steps above.  Have fun! :D
All of the entries will be posted in a post on my blog AND on the Challenge Page, and I will leave a link to your blog beside it.  
Also, I'd love it if you grabbed the Challenge button from the sidebar! :)
So yes, I would love it if you guys would enter!  Tell your friends! ;)  Thanks! :D  
-Anna <3 
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  1. Hey girl! CANNOT WAIT! Totally entering!!!:D Love ya!