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Hey Everyone!
One of my besties, Joy from Another Enchanted Land, is having this awesome Short Story Writing Contest!  Congrats on 12 followers Joy! :D <3  Of course, since she is one of my bestest friends, I am entering!  And cause it's just such a great idea ;)
So here is my entry!  Click HERE to find out more and enter!  And don't forget to follow her blog!
My entry:
  "I'll race you!" Sarah challenged, already riding ahead on her horse.
    "You didn't even say 'go'!"  I laughed, chasing after her on Rosy, my flea bitten gray Arabian horse.  I assumed we were racing to the fort, because that was the direction we were headed.  I changed from a canter to a full on gallop, speeding ahead of Sarah and her black tobiano Paint horse, Star.  I might be the youngest sister in my family, but I'm very competitive.  
    I glanced back and saw that  Sarah's eyes were wide open with an expression of shock.  I smirked back cockily because she was probably surprised that I had caught up so fast.  Then, I turned back around and realized it wasn't me Sarah was shocked at.  I yelped in horror as I took in the whole picture.  Quickly I pulled Rosy to a stop; Sarah had already dismounted Star and was running towards the disaster.  I tried to keep from crying or screaming in fear as I stumbled off of Rosy.  For what used to be the fort that my sisters and I had built was now a tower of smoke and flame.  Luckily, there was a pump not to far from our fort, and since we used water here regularly, there were buckets as well.  Without speaking a word, Sarah and I started filling up bucket after bucket of cold water.  We ran back and forth, dousing the fort with water, but it wasn't helping.  A few clumps of dried grass were now bursting into flame, and we hurriedly stomped on them to put out the fire.  Then we both stood there for a moment.  Finally, Sarah spoke.  "See that tree right beside the fort?  I think that if I climbed up high enough with a bucket of water, I could put out most of the fire on the roof."  I gasped.  "Sarah, no!  What if you fall?"  "I won't fall, silly, I've climbed trees twice that tall!"  She raced over to the pump and filled up a bucket, then started her descent up the tree.  I could tell she was having a hard time climbing while holding a bucket.  It took a good ten minutes, but finally she was high in the air, about five feet above the burning roof. She then got down on her stomach, still holding the bucket, and started inching out on a long branch suspending over the fort.  I watched with bated breath, horrified.  But she made it, and just as she was about to pour her bucket over the roof-
"LORIE!!!!"  The bucket fell, water and all, and became part of the flaming tower as Sarah clung to the brach with both hands, feet dangling three feet from the flames.  "SARAH!"  I screamed.  I didn't know what I was doing, but suddenly I was halfway up the tree, and then I was crawling along the same brach as Sarah, and then I had her hand.  "I'll try to pull you up!"  I yelled to her over the roaring of the flames.  She nodded, eyes wide with fear.  "Hurry!"  I took hold of both hands and carefully backed up, trying desperately not to lose my balance.  Finally, I had Sarah back on the branch with me.  We both sat there, hugging and crying, and then realized we should probably get down from the almost-burning tree.  We climbed down carefully, an then stood and watched the fort burn to the ground.  When nothing was left but a pile of white ashes, I looked over at Sarah.  She looked sad, and I knew I must look the same.  Our fort was gone.  
"At least we're safe", I said to her.  She nodded, and smiled at me.  And we rode home.
The End!
Thanks for reading!  Thanks for having the contest Joy!
-Anna <3 

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  1. Awesome, I love it! Thanks for entering! :D