Movie Review: The Secret of Moonacre

Hey Everyone!
Anna and Hannah here again ;) :)
We just watched an AWESOME movie!!! :D  It's called The Secret of Moonacre, and it is really really super good! :)  
The Secret of Moonacre follows a young girl as she discovers secrets about her past, and tries to restore a family bond once broken by pride.
It is super good!

It is rated PG, which we thought was appropriate for this movie.  For younger children or very sensitive ones, maybe not the best choice.
Romance: Not a terrible amount; there is definitely some kissing though.  And a guy has a crush on a girl, but there's nothing major there except for the first time that it is obvious, which is when she is in critical danger and he is screaming his head off.  Yea.
Violence: Lots of chasing, a rough clan handles persons roughly, dagger held to the throat, and gun shots.
Scariness:  Not terrible, although not for more sensitive children.  There is a dog who is quite big and black and has red eyes and growls at enemies.  He is a "good guy" though, and later on in the movie we see that he really is sweet :)  And the dog gets shot.  Also, someone jumps to their death.  No blood or screaming (on their part), and it is a self-sacrifice, but onlookers scream and cry.  
Sadness: A romance gets torn apart earlier on, and kind of the "theme music" for this is really sad.  Also, the dog is shot as we mentioned earlier, and that part is really really sad :(  But not bloody or dramatic.  The girl's dad dies early in the movie, but we never meet him.
All in all it is a great movie, it's a bit humorous, has a good romance, plenty of adventure, and also a cool mysterious feel to it.  It also teaches good lessons about pride.  
P.S. This is kind of based off of a really good book by Elizabeth Gouge, called
 The Little White Horse.  J.K. Rowling "...absolutely adored" it.  

So yes!  Read the book and watch the movie!  We totally recommend it and give the movie 4 and a half stars out of 5 stars and the book gets 5 stars!
Oh...and also...

^He's kinda cute ;) lol^
Thanks for viewing!
-Anna <3
Hannah :)
P.S. You can watch the movie instantly on Netflix! :)