Picture Sharing Spree (Part 1)

Hey Everyone!
Today I was looking through all my photos…
and I realized something.
In the past two years, I have taken ALOT of photos.
Like, seriously, ALOT.
Like over 1,000.  
But, the sad thing is, most of them I haven't even shared on here, or anywhere…they're just sitting there being pictures :( 
Sooooo I have decided to go on a MAJOR Picture-Sharing spree!  I am going to go through all of my photos, starting with when I first got my camera, and share 20-30 at a time.  
Sounds kinda fun, right?  ;)
So yes, don't feel obligated to look at every post, but they will be here for those of you who want to see them ;)  And this will probably take a while ;) 
But anyways, here is the first batch of photos, these are not in any particular order, they are just all photos from times that were really fun.
Enjoy! :)
Playing in the hose with my siblings and Ben and Joy this summer…lol xD

My little sis, Megan, on a hike in the woods last winter.

Myself in the woods last winer ;)

My brother, being crazy this summer… ;)

Decorations for my 13th birthday party last year.

My 13th birthday party.

This is called, "Let's Cram Everyone on the Couch!" ;) xD

Joy and I being crazy this summer ;) xD

Epic shot of Luke swinging on a vine this past winter.

Our dog, Samson, when he was a puppy (winter).

My friend Grace and I, when our families went on a hike in Asheville last summer.

Layne and Megan in Asheville last summer.  That was one of the best trips EVER.
I love Asheville! :) <3 

Me and my entry for a Birdhouse Competition I entered last spring.

Downtown Asheville, NC.

A pigeon in Downtown Asheville ;)

Some goldfish from who-knows-where.  I think the picture is from last spring ;)

Hannah, Celia and I at the Birdhouse Contest.

My siblings and our friends in the mountains :)

I LOVE this building in Downtown Asheville! 

Hannah, Celia and I when we went to a pottery place for Hannah's birthday, Winter 2013,

The bowls we painted :)

My bowl I painted :)

So yea!  Hope you enjoyed that cause there will be tons more ;)
Thanks for viewing! :D
-Anna <3 

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