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Hey Everyone!
This is a really long post.  You've been warned.
But it should be really fun! :D
I know I've done lots of random/update posts lately, but I fell like there's an update (or two!) every other day, and everyone needs some randomness in their life, right? ;)
Okay, so first update:
WE GOT A NEW DOG!!! :D :D :D :D 
Her name is Susie and she is a 9 week old Great Pyrenees puppy.
She is so. Stinkin'. Cute.
See for yourself…
^Aaaaaaw!  She is so so cute!^
She is super sweet, really laid back, and gets along great with our poodle, Nash.  They love playing together :)  She gets along good with Samson, our other Great Pyrenees, but he is so much bigger than her that we can't let them play to much cause he might trample her…yea, that wouldn't be good ;)

Second Update:
I am now offering watermarks as a part of my small header/button business, Teacups and Glitter!
Check it out to order and see examples, all headers, buttons, and watermarks are free.
You can also see my Portfolio for headers/buttons that I have done!
Here are some example watermarks I've made, I made these for my Photography blog, Picture This.

So yea, I must say those turned out pretty well :)
3rd Update:
I have been thinking about gum lately.  Like chewing gum.
Chewing gum has aspertain (or however it's spelled) in it, as well as a lot of fake sugars and other things that aren't great for you, so my mom doesn't really let us chew gum often.
But I LOVE gum!
So I am currently working out how to make chewing gum that has no artificial flavors or colors in it, and that has no aspertain in it!  And if I can figure it out then I might even make a small business of it.
That would be so cool.  There are all kinds of fun names for a Gum Business, and I could design the packages and have cool flavors….yea that would be way cool :)
So I am working on that ;)
And now here is something I wrote…
The Light
This could be very cool...
I hold the light.
Day by day,
when it isn't needed,
Night by night,
when it's needed very much.
I hold the light,
Hoping to guide
lost souls home,
safe from the sea.
Hoping to guide them
to the shore.
I hold the light.
It's small, and sometimes flickers violently.
But it's there,
Day by day, when it isn't needed,
Night by night, when it's needed very much.
I hold the light,
so that those
who once dwelled here
might find their way home.
Back again.
Back to me.
I hold the light.
I hold it for the ones long gone,
and for the ones who can still be found.
I hold the light.
Day by day, when it isn't needed,
Night by night, when it's needed very much.
I hold the light,
Helping the moon and stars at Midnight,
Helping the Sun at Dawn.
I hold the light,
hold it for those who are out there,
Looking for hope.
I hold it for those in despair of ever returning
to the place they called
I hold the light.
Day by day, when it isn't needed,
Night by night, when it's needed very much.
I hold the light.
I've been here,
holding it,
Sometimes the creatures of this place
forget that I am not one of them.
I've held it here forever.
And I'll hold it here forever.
I hold the light
Day by day, when it isn't needed,
Night by night, when it's needed very much.
I hold the light.
the light.
Thanks for reading that!  I must say that has to be my favorite piece I've ever written <3 <3 <3
I am thinking of entering it in Kat's Writing Contest, you guys should enter as well and check out her amazing blog!
Next order of business…
ah, yes.
I am going to do a book haul.
There will be books.
And I will haul them.
Into this blog…
^Not sure what that was about, lol.^-^
Any who.
Yes, now for the book haul.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
The novel centres on Elizabeth Bennet, the second of the five daughters of a country gentleman. Mr Bennet is a bookish man, and somewhat neglectful of his responsibilities. Mrs Bennet is a woman lacking in social graces and primarily concerned with finding suitable husbands for her five daughters. Jane Bennet, the eldest daughter, is distinguished by her kindness and beauty; Elizabeth Bennet shares her father's keen wit and occasionally sarcastic outlook; Mary is not pretty, but is studious, devout and musical albeit lacking in taste; Kitty, the fourth sister, follows where her younger sister leads, while Lydia is flirtatious and unrestrained.(Summery via Wikipedia).
My rating for this book was 5 out of 5 stars.
I loved it!  It was really good, each character is unlike any character I have ever read about before.

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
When Mr. Dashwood dies, his house, Norland Park, passes directly to his only son John, the child of his first wife. His second wife, Mrs. Dashwood, and their daughters, Elinor,Marianne and Margaret, are left only a small income. On his deathbed, Mr. Dashwood extracts a promise from his son, that he will take care of his half-sisters; however, John's selfish and greedy wife, Fanny, soon persuades him to renege. John and Fanny immediately take up their place as the new owners of Norland, while the Dashwood women are reduced to the position of unwelcome guests. Mrs. Dashwood begins looking for somewhere else to live.(I only pasted part of the summery to entice you all ;)  Summery Via Wikipedia.)
This one, for me, is 4 out of 5 stars.
I liked it a lot!  But not as much as Pride and Prejudice.
Sense and Sensibility was just too sensible for me…
hehehe, you see what I did there ;) lol

Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse
~Billie Jo Kelby, the main character, is described in the opening of the book as a long-legged girl, thin and red-headed just like her father ("Daddy"). She was expected to be a boy, and her parents had named her so only to be surprised with a baby girl. With a hunger for piano playing and the taste of apples, she is growing up in a panhandle shack in western Oklahoma.(Summery again is only part of the whole, and is via Wikipedia.)
I loved this one.
5 our of 5 stars, definitely.
It is so good! :)

Penny from Heaven by Jennifer L. Holm
The book is set in New Jersey in the year 1953. Protagonist Penny Falucci is an eleven-year-old girl who lives with her widowed mother and grandparents. Since the death of Penny's father, Mrs. Falucci shuns her big Italian-American family, but she won't give Penny a good reason. Penny loves that side of the family and spends as much time with them as she can. After an accident that puts her in the hospital for several weeks, Penny learns the truth about her father, his death, and how it tore apart the two halves of her family.(Summery from Wikipedia.)
I absolutely ADORED this book!
I wish I could rate it 6 out of 5 stars!  ;) lol
But yes, It is a really good book and you should read it :)

The Penderwicks at Point Mouette by Jeanne Birdsall

I really Love this book.  I love all of the Penderwicks books <3
So there's my little book haul.  It wasn't really a haul….maybe more of a bucket full… ;)
And I have seen some really nice pieces of writing on different people's blogs lately, so I thought I would share the links to some of them here so you can read them and not miss out on the brilliance… ;)
So yes, you absolutely must check out
This by Rose,
This by Bethan
This by Eve
and last but not least
This by Kat

Check those out! :)

Okay, this was really long post.  And a fun one! :D
Thanks so much for viewing, everyone!  I would love it if you followed!  I almost have 40 followers! :D :D :D
My goal right now is 50 followers, I have a countdown going in my head xD
And I was wondering…
If I got 50 followers or more,
would you guys like me to do a
1., Writing Contest
2., Fill in the blank Contest
3., Inspiration Contest (I would explain more about that if I did that ;).
SO yea.
Thanks so much for viewing!
-Anna <3



  2. Man I've got to check some of those books out!!!!:D

  3. Aww, Susie is so cute! I love your poem! :D
    Inspiration Contest sounds cool! What is it? :D

  4. Susie is divine! Aww... I vote for a writing contest.
    June | http://weezasjournal.blogspot.com

  5. Susie is so cute! And I love the Penderwicks.
    Emily| lovemilysblog.blogspot.com

  6. Susie is so cute!!!
    Your watermarks are amazing to:)
    That piece of writing is lovely. Thanks for the complement!
    I love Jane Austen! She's an amazing author.
    All around this has been a great post and I loved every bit of it:)
    Kat//(Almost) Completely Mad

  7. I nominated you for the Liebster Award!