The Beach! (Day 1)

Hey Everyone!
Today I am excited to be sharing pictures with you from Hannah's and I's beach trip! :D
I am going to do this day by day, because my computer starts acting weird when I upload too many photos at once…and believe me, this is a LOT of photos xD ;)
Okay, Day 1:
I spent Friday night at Hannah's house since her parents wanted to leave early in the morning, and we stayed up late (probably too late;) talking :)
Then, in the morning, we left.
Hannah in the car :)

 Hannah's little sister :)
This is about half of what Hannah and I brought…:P

Selfie in the car! xD

Ah, this one's better ;)

And we were sleeping some and we took pics of each other sleeping for no reason xD

Hannah sleeping :)

So we drove all day, and then, when we got to the beach, we went to this cute little oceanfront cafè for lunch!  It was really yummy food, and we got all excited cause we could see the ocean for the first time! :D  And they had painted the outside in really cute bright colors, so we took a pic ;)

And then we got to go to the house and see it! :D :D :D

Our room! :D  It was so pretty! :D

And then, obviously, we took pictures of our room :)

And we hung our clothes up ;) lol

And then!  We got to go to the ocean! :D

 The boys went boogie-boarding some ;)
Hannah :)

Windswept selfie xD 

Hannah taking a pic of the sand :)
A pretty little shell! :D

<3 <3 <3 

The waves on the shore ;) 

People in the water :)

People in the water again xD

Hannah <3 :)

And we drew our names in the sand with a heart ;)


And then her brother drew his name in it too xD 

And THEN we played hopscotch in the sand! :D


And later we painted our nails!  And we brought a lot of nail polish xD

Hannah taking a picture of the nail polish :)

:) <3

…And the sun sets on a great first day :)
Thanks for viewing!
Day 2 coming soon…
-Anna <3 

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  1. The room looks so cute! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!