The Beach! (Day 2)

Here are the pictures of Day 2…
After breakfast on Day 2, we went to the beach! :D 
First, we swam in the water.  It was awesome! :D  And we built some sand castles, and...
And we read!  I was reading Ella Enchanted, and Hannah was reading The Healer's Apprentice. :)

Hannah :)  It was a really nice day!


I love this pic, I must say ;)
No stealing ;) lol

The ocean!

Later, after we swam in the pool and showered, we went on a golf cart ride!
Oh, but first we saw these palm trees, and naturally...

…we took pictures ;) lol

Hannah :)

Hannah's phone while she was taking a picture!  I like this pic a lot! :D

My flip flops! 

Another shot of the Palm Tree...

…and another ;)

Selfie! :D

Clay :)

Hannah in the golf cart!

Hannah taking a picture in the golf cart! ;)

The scenery :)

It was really pretty around where our house was!  It wasn't in Myrtle Beach, just near it, so it wasn't terrible crowded, which was nice :)  

So pretty! :D


And after dinner, we went to a cute little ice cream store! :D

Krazy Kookie Dough Ice Cream...

And caramel turtle fudge ice cream! (YUM!)

Hannah and her Cookie Dough Ice Cream! :D

And then we went for a walk on the peir, but it started storming, so we left and went home and hung out and went to sleep ;)
And that was the end of an awesome Day 2! :)
Thanks for viewing!
-Anna <3

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