The Beach Part 1

Hey Everyone!
This is not Anna.  Actually it kinda is, it's Anna AND Hannah ;)
We are at the beach and rather than take an hour to do two posts we are writing one where both of us write it and then we are just going to copy and paste it for both blogs ;)
We are having an awesome time! :D  We haven't taken a whole lot of pics and we aren't uploading the picture from our cameras right now, just from Hannah's phone, so we will have a lot more when we get home ;)
Anna taking a picture.

Selfie! ;) 

Bubbly Bubbles... :P

A pretty shell

Anna trying not to squint and failing... xD


Toes in the sand...


We built this cool pile of sand...and the tide came in...and we thought it was going to survive...but now its GONE!  NOOOOOO! :0 lol ;)

Pretty picture :)

The pretty ocean!:D

Our names in the sand:)

We brought every color of the rainbow as far as nail polish goes ;) lol

Random Pic.

So yes, that is all the pics we have to share right now! 
But when we got here Saturday we unpacked, swam in the pool, and then went to walk on the beach some.  Then we slept... ;)  Yesterday we went to the beach and went boogie boarding, it was really fun!  There were some good waves, but it was hard to catch them ;)  
And then today there were awesome waves!  EXCEPT that as soon as we got into the water we realized something.  
The jellyfish decided to have an invasion today... :P  But they are supposed to be gone by tomorrow so we can swim again ;)
And just now we went for a golf cart ride to enjoy the beautiful beach, and now we are doing this post.  So yes!  It has been so fun, and this is only day 2 out of 7! :D 
Bye for now!  Thanks for viewing!
-Anna <3 
Hannah :) 


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Great pics:)

  2. Nominated you for an award! http://castleintheair-inspired.blogspot.com/

  3. So glad you're having lots of fun!

  4. Sound awesome! Have fun!

  5. Sounds soooooooooo much fun! :D Can't wait to see your other pics! The shell pic looks like a butterfly! :D

    1. Thanks Joy! It is fun, but we can't wait to see you! <3 Yea, that shell DOES look like a butterfly! :D