Unicorn! (A random post...)

Hey Everyone!
This is a random post ;)  Enjoy!
I have been llistening;) lol to a lot of classical music lately.  It's so beautiful!  And it makes me want to "walk" around the house like this^ xD
A hilarious picture Joy messaged me xD
This picture is so inspiring!
An updated picture of me, credit goes to my brother, he's a REALLY good photographer for an 8 year old!
I love this picture I took of my sister!  I miss the mountains! ♡
And I miss the beach!  But not for long because I'm going to the beach With Hannah next week!  Gaah!  3 more days!

Lol xD
It's such a cute owl! 

I have been finding lots of good recipes on Pinterest lately, like this^...
...this, yum....
...this cool idea...
...and THESE!  YUM!
And another funny one!
Thanks for viewing!
Hope Everyone's having a good summer!
-Anna ♡


  1. Love this! Random post are always fun to read! I love the picture of your sister and the mountains! So beautiful! Oh and the picture of Joy, haha! Hilarious! :)

  2. Oh my goodness...you did not just post that picture...thanks BFF. XD I'm laughing and face-palming myself right now. :P