Winners of The 2014 Summer Photo Challenge!

Hey Everyone!
It was so hard to judge all the photos!  They were all so wonderful!  
But, after much consideration, I have the final results, and am ready to share them with you…
Soooooooo, here they are!  Oh, and a few quick notes, a couple of people won more than 1 category, which may not seem fair to some of you, but I was looking at the photos without anyone's name beside them.  So anyway, even if you didn't place in a category, please know that I loved all of the photos :)
The winner of Category 1, as I previously announced, is…

Make sure to check out her blog by clicking on her name, it's awesome!
Here is her photo:

 I love all of the bright color in this photo, it's so summery and pretty :) 
*Note to Brooke:  Did you eat the Popcicles after you took the photo?  I had to ask ;)
And here is an Award Button for you, Brooke!  You can post it on your blog or sidebar or do whatever you'd like with it ;)

And now for the Winner of Category 2 (Summer Fashions)…
Congrats, Elly!
(Make sure to check out her blog!  
Here is the photo…

I love this photo!  The shoes are so pretty and they look so pretty in the grass :)
*Note to Elly: The color of the shoes is so pretty, I love that shade of pink ;)
Here is Elly's reward button...

Okay, so now for the winner of Category 3 (Nature)…
(Please make sure to check out her amaaaaazing blog!)
And now for her photo…

I love this photo, the colors and quality are both great.
*Note to Hannah:  That flower is beautiful <3 :)
And here is Hannah's button :)

Okay, moving right along…
the winner of category 4 is…
Brooke!  Again ;)
But you all have to agree, this photo is amazing!

I love this butterfly, it's so beautiful and the background is great.
Note to Brooke: How did you happen across a butterfly in a jar?  Lucky! ;)

And another button for ya ;)

Okay, the winner of Category 5 is…
Congrats, Yasmine!
Here is her photo:

This photo is so cool, I love the neutral colors :)
Note to Yasmine: That is a very cool umbrella ;)
A button for you… ;)

Alrighty, the winner of Category 6 is…
Hannah again!
Here is the photo…

I love this picture :)
Note to Hannah: Is your sister always this calm when I'm not around…? ;) lol
Here is your button...

Okay, last but not least, the category winner of Category 7 is…
Make sure to check out her brilliant blog! :D  
Here is her photo…

I love this photo!  It's so creative, totally awesome ;)
*Note to Joy:  I like how you can't see the camera in your shadow ;)
Here is your button… ;)

Okaaay, and now for the moment you've all been waiting for…
the photographer who's photo went above all else…
give it up for…

Make sure to check out her awesomely cool blog, it's full of excellent things!  
And now for the photo and button…

This photo is just great, it's just brilliant.  It's a perfect moment captured in a picture for all time.  I love it!
Here is a button for you...

So, I guess the challenge is officially over!  Which is kinda sad :(  ;) 
But it was awesome, thank you so much to all who participated, I loved all of the amazing photography I got to see :)  I am thinking about doing a Christmas one something like this, and be on the look out for Hannah's Autumn Photo Challenge as well! ;)  
Thanks so much once again everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed it!  Oh and I made this for anyone to use if they participated…

Thanks also to everyone who views my blog and to all my followers <3 
Thanks for viewing!
-Anna <3 


  1. Oh my goodness, all of those photos were so beautiful! And thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for choosing me as the winner! I'm so happy. ^.^
    I will use that button in my Monday post. :)

    I would love a Christmas one - that would be really fun! I'd definitely take part. XD

    Thanks for such a wonderful challenge. It was really fun!



  2. Those photos were BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D<3<3<3 Thanks so much for choosing some of my photos!!! And to answer your question about Abigail she was trying hard not to laugh!XD LOL! Thanks again!:D

  3. Anna,
    CONGRATS!!! You won my giveaway!!!! Thanks so much for entering!!! Just email me you address so I can send you the prize within the next few days!! Thanks!!! elizwolfe99@gmail.com

  4. All of the photos are wonderful!!!!!! Thank you so much for making my photo first place for category two!!! :D

    -elly <3

  5. Hey Anna! All of the pictures were wonderful! :) Thank you so much for making me winner of the fifth category!! <3 The challenge was so much fun! I can't wait until you make a new one!

  6. Thanks for choosing my picture for category 7! :) I had to hide the camera in my shadow, so I was kinda at an awkward angle even though it doesn't look like that in the pic! xD