Hey Everyone!
I am actually going to restart that….
Hey Hello Everyone!  
(I figured I had to say Hello if the title of the post was Hello ;) lol! )
SO yea this is a random post…
but to start it off I can not BELIEVE it is September 7th!!!!!
EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D <3 <3 <3
YAY YAY YAY for AUTUMN!!! :) :) :) 
OH!  Guess what!!!????
Our cat, Frodo, had kittens!!! :D
(Backstory for the name: We thought she was a he, so we named "him" Frodo, after a cat who was also named Frodo, and this other cat named Frodo was named after Frodo Baggins ;)  Looong Backstory. )
So anyways, Frodo had two little cutie addable absolutely LOVELY kittens!!! :D :D :D 
She had them in a barn, because she likes to have her kitten hidden away, and we can't touch them yet or get a picture, but they look something like this…

Only one has more white on his/her face, so she/he looks more like this…

But they are sooooo cute!!! :D :D :D  I can't wait till they're old enough to hold!!! <3
I am thinking of names for them, just some ideas, and the names I have thought of so far are:
Ginny (Girl, cause you know, it has red hair ;))
Quaffle (Girl or Boy.  Wouldn't this be just the cutest thing!?  And I already have a cat named Snitch, so then all I need are a Bludger and a Broomstick xD lol. )
Bilbo Baggins (Boy, cause we already have Frodo, so that would be kinda cute :) )
Lavender (Girl.  Why would I name a orange cat Lavender?  Ask me not. ;) lol!)
And then…
Katniss (Girl.  Get it?  KAT-niss.  KAT.  Cat!  lol xD  I think that would be so adorable…)
So yes. :)
We had really good friends of ours who we haven't seen in forever over to stay the night this weekend, and my wonderful friend Grace taught me how to do Elsa's Coronation Hairstyle!!! :D  Eeeek!

^ I can now do this hairstyle on myself! :D  You need pretty long hair for it, my hair was barely long enough, but it's so pretty!!!  I haven't actually worn it except for a few minutes so I am kinda excited cause I am going to wear it out tomorrow ;) xD lol
But I had so much fun with Grace and her family, I am going to share photos from the visit soon! :D
Also, don't forget about the inspiration challenge!  You have a week to enter! :)
I have copied that post to this post and now you can find this info on the Inspiration Challenge page as well ;)    And I changed it so it is actually a contest, there is going to be 1st 2nd and 3rd place.

If you decide to become a part, here's what you need to do:
1.  Think about what inspires you.  Make a list.  Then do whatever inspires you…take a walk, ride your bike, listen to your favorite song, bake a cake, anything.
2.  Create a picture showcasing the things or activities that inspire you.  It can be a photo of all of these things, a collage, a sketch or a painting.
3.  Write a short paragraph, poem, or story about the things that inspire you or about your picture.  This part is optional, you can just stick with the picture if you like.
4.  Post your picture and written piece (if you decided to do one) on your blog.  
5.  Comment on the Inspiration Challenge Page and leave a link to the post.
*Note:  Please leave only one comment on this page, with the link to your post.  Questions can be asked by commenting on this post or other posts, it will be a lot easier for me to keep track of them if all of the links are in one place ;)*
You have until September 14th to complete the 5 steps above, and then I will announce a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner, as well as a couple of Honorable Mentions.  If you win you will get a button to put on your sidebar.    Have fun! :D
All of the entries will be posted in a post on my blog AND on the Challenge Page, and I will leave a link to your blog beside it.  
Also, I'd love it if you grabbed the Challenge button from the sidebar! :)
So yes, I would love it if you guys would enter!  Tell your friends! ;)  Thanks! :D  
And!  I have started a Book Review blog with some other great bloggers!  It's called We Are The Readers, check it out, there are some really great girls doing this and I know there will be AWESOME reviews! :)  Already since the blog started I have some great books on my "To Be Read" list! :)
We Are The Readers

Don't Forget about Hannah's Fall Photo Challenge!  It will be as awesome brilliant and amazing as she is!  Which means BRILLIANTLY AMAZINGLY EPIC! :D <3
Yea I am so excited, it will be so fun!  I love love LOVE Autumn!  (I have probably made that pretty apparent already xD  Lol. )

Ya know what?  I just realized that Trail Mix is really super awesome!

I mean really!  It's so simple, just a bunch of random dried fruits and nuts and chocolate and yet it's so GOOD!  I LOVE IT!  ;) lol

Pictures of yummy-looking trail mix, for your convenience…. ;)

^This is awesome!  It's mostly chocolate chips!!! :D YUM! ^

^CANDY TRAIL MIX!  All CANDY!!!  Except for a few raisins…darn.  Oh well. xD^

So yes, enough of making everyone hungry, we will now move on to Cupcakes...

...And Cookies…

…And pies…

Okay, NOW I will stop making everyone hungry xD 

Ah yes!

I re-did my brother's header for him, he wanted to change his blog name and look ;)
^Header^ :)

So yes, this brings this long and random post to an end.
Thanks for viewing! 
-Anna <3 


  1. YAY! Congrats on Lavender and Katniss! All the food made me hungry.. yumm

    cathy | hello, cathy

  2. Awww! Kittens are always so amazingly cute! The names are perfect! I agree with Cathy, I am now craving all those desserts! Yummy. Oh and I bet your brother loves header you made him. :) It looks awesome!!

  3. Hey Anna! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :)

    Emily | Lynde Avenue

  4. Awww! I so want kittens. I can't wait to see photos of them. Funny story about Frodo. You should definitely have a Bilbo!

  5. This post made me hungry. Hehe. XD

    Thank you for following me. <3

    Nicole Rose