Lots of Pictures...

Hey Everyone! :)
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days…busy busy busy ;)
But I realized that I haven't posted any of my photos in a while, so that's what I decided to do today :)
^ Hannah :) <3  So pretty <3^

;) <3 

^This girl is adorable ;)^

^Luke and his Buddy Clay.  These first three are from when we had Hannah's family over for Labor Day :) ^

^ A Tree Frog!  I saw him on one of our buildings, and it made a perfect picture!^

^ Pretty Flowers :) ^

^ Another Tree Frog Pic.^

^And another tree frog picture that I really like ;) ^

^More of Mr. Tree Frog^

^This one is pretty good…^

^This one is blurry, he decided to jump ;)^

^He jumped onto the ground, which made a great picture ;) ^

^ I did this cute hairstyle in Lauren's hair…^

^ Nash <3 <3 <3 ^

^Sweet Little Susie :) <3^

^Lol xD ;) ^

^It's really hard to take a selfie with her, she won't stand still…^

^<3 <3 <3^

^ A Cool pic of a pretty orange flower.^

^The Geese! :) <3^

^Morning Glory <3 ^

^Love these flowers…^

^Tea!  I LOVE Tea!  Though lately coffee has been more of my thing…^

^Ah!  My friend Grace and her family came to visit us, and Grace and I made this delicious pear crumble!!!! <3 <3  Soooo good!^

^More Geese…^

^We went on a hike :)  Grace and I were goofing off ;) ^


^These pretty little berries :) ^


And More Susie ;) ^

^Sweet little (er…big) Samson ;) <3 ^

^A leaf.  And Myself. ;) ^

^Lauren :) ^

Samson, Nash, and Susie all playing together :)^

^ They can get very rough…^

^Autumn <3 ^

^Myself, thinking ;)  Photo credit goes to my sister :) ^

^Another sweet shot of Autumn <3 ^

^LOL! ^

^My sweet little kitty cat, Snitch.  He likes to recline on top of our chairs ;) ^


^Autumn again…^


^Lauren once again… ;) ^

^ A Really good pie that Hannah's mother made!  YUM!^

^My hair in a bun…random…^

^Reading and Tea <3 ^

^Megan :) ^

^Crazy Selfie of Me…^

^Oh, and one more from Grace's visit, she did the Elsa's Coronation hairstyle on me :) <3 ;)^
So yea!  Hope you enjoyed those many many photos! (50, to be exact!)
Thanks so much for viewing!!! :)

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  1. LOVE THOSE PICS!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D You are so very talented!!!!<3 Love ya girl!<3


  2. Also Elsa's coronation bun is SOOOOOO PRETTY!!!!!!<3 It looks SOOOOOO good on you!!!!!<3 You are so pretty!


  3. Wonderful pictures!
    You're so pretty!