Photo Editing...

Hey Everyone!
I was playing around with photo editing this morning, using photos I took (or one that my brother took), and I thought I would share what I came up with with you guys ;)  Enjoy! :)
Photo 1: Roses
^Black and White Effect^

^Black and White Effect, using the reversed effect brush to make some of the roses their original  color.^

Photo 2: Clogging Event

^This is a photo that my brother took of us clogging at an event.  In the above picture I used the revered effect brush to make the background black/white.^

^Dark Edges Affect.^

^This is the original photo except I sharpened it.^

^Spotlight Affect.^
Photo 3:  Samson

^This is my dog, Samson, when he was a puppy.  I did the focal zoom affect on this one. ^

So yea, what did you guys think?  Which is your favorite?  :)
Thanks for viewing!!!
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  1. Oooh, I like all of them! I especially love the 2nd rose one! :)

    ~ Another Enchanted Land ~

  2. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!:D My favorites though are the dark edge effect with y'all clogging and the roses!!!:D

    A Southern Girl's Life

  3. I love the roses, great job. ^.^
    x June x

  4. Beautiful photos, Anna! Great job! The clogging looks really fun. :) How was it?

  5. My favorite is the rose :) I bet your favorite is the clogging one! ;)

  6. My favourite is the focal zoom effect, but they're all nice c:

    The Blog Hermit