Hey Everyone!
This is my 304th post!
So to celebrate this momentous (well, kind of momentous...) occasion, I was going to look up a bunch of things where 304 is a significant number, but it's not very significant as far as things that would be useful for this post... (unless you want to visit the Outer Banks, where according to trip advisor there are 304 attractions ;).  
SO instead I decided to make this:

Let me explain...
Across the top of the picture I put some fall leaves....
The 304th day of the year (unless it's a leap year) is October 31st. (Fall)
And on the right hand border I put some apples...
304 is an area code for West Virginia, and their state fruit is an Apple (Golden Delicious to be exact).
On the bottom side I put snowflakes...
304 days ago it was January 30th, 2014. (Winter).
And on the left hand border I have stars in an odd peachy color...
Benjamin Moore has a paint color that looks a little like that.  It's called shooting star and it's number is 304.
Other cool things:
The background of the picture is black, because the little color code for black on PicMonkey is 304.
Arturo is the 304th most popular male name in the United States.
So yea, half of you will think this post has no point (which is really doesn't), and the other half might think it's cool. ;)
Once I get to 350 posts I might do a giveaway...
  Or I might wait till 400 posts. ;)
So yes, I hope you all had a great Sunday! :)
Thanks for viewing!!! :)

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