Hey Ya'll!

Hey Ya'll!
Oh.  That sounded so wrong.  Turning off country accent...
Hey Everyone!
Phew.  It bugs me if I don't start all my posts the same.
SO this is a very random post!
I'm back!
I haven't posted in a while...*sheepish grin*
But now I am going to share some random pictures from the last month or so...
Enjoy! :)
^A random lego creation by Luke.

Simon! <3 <3 <3

^Snickerdoodle Cookie Sandwiches.
I have one word...
Yea.  Don't worry, recipe coming soon ;)

^Oh...yes.  Megan and I being...crazy.  Yea. xD

Nash!  Super Dog!

Simon playing with the camera <3 <3  ohmigosh too cute!

My boots! ;)

Ah yes, another scrumptious recipe!
Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches.

^Chocolate Oatmeal Breakfast Bread.
Coming soon as well.

^Oh.  Yeeeees.
Chocolate Cherry Cake.
Recipe is (guess what!?) coming soon! :D ;)

The cherries that I used for the cake...yum.

This AWESOME Ice Cream at the fair!
^Celia and I eating the awesome ice cream at the fair <3
Crazy Selfie xD

Oh.  I really really really like the picture.  
I must say I am really proud of it ;)  
So yea!  There's a post! ;)
I am going to post some of my Christmas plans for my blog soon, maybe even today...
*NOTE TO SELF:  You really need to post it today because you have been saying that you will for a month.*
So yes.  Hope you enjoyed this!  Thanks for viewing!!! :) <3

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  1. Great pictures! Simon is so cute! Also that last picture is so good!

    -elly <3