12 Days of Christmas

Hey Everyone!
So I meant to do this yesterday, because now it's 11 days till Christmas, but I am still gonna do it today anyway.

Yep!  I'm doing a list of my favorite 12 things about Christmas.
Here we go...:)

1. The Christmas Story. 
2.  Time with Friends and Family.
3. Christmas Trees.
4. Making Gifts.
5. Decorating.
6. Baking.
7. Blogging about Christmas Stuff.
8. Being Cozy.
9. Hot Chocolate.
10. Christmas Dances.
11. Christmas Parties.
12. Christmas Lights.

SO yes that was fun ;)
And I challenge ALL OF YOU to do it on your blogs as well!  Or you could just come up with a list :)
Have a great day!  Thanks for viewing!

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