Christmas Pets...

Hey Everyone!
Okay, I have something HILARIOUS to share with you guys…
…I'm making a video using the My Talking Pet app to make all of our pets "sing" christmas songs, and so I took pictures of them and gave them some Christmas Decor ;)
So Here are the pics.  Enjoy! 
^Frodo <3  She's so cute with her little bow in her hair ;) <3

^Mango the Elf <3 :)

^Maribelle with a grumpy expression looking rather like the grinch xD

^Nash <3 <3 

^Samson <3 <3

^Simon <3 :P lol xD

^Snitch!  I caught him mid-yawn! xD

^Sweet little Susie <3 :)

^A collage of all of them ;)
Hope you guys enjoyed these! :) <3

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  1. Aww, they're so cute! :D Is Simon wearing a striped shirt? :) Mango looks like Grumpy Cat almost. xD

  2. So cute!!!!!:D LOVE the one with Frodo!!!!!

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