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Hey Anyone and Everyone!
Hmmmm...okay, that greeting works...;)
Anyways this is another random post but it kind of has a winter-ish theme to it, so yes. :)
First things first, this is a quick reminder about the Christmas Photo Challenge!  I have changed it so you have until New Year's Day to enter your photos, because in all honesty I won't be able to judge and announce winners right around Christmas ;)    So yes, be sure to check that out by clicking here or here or even HERE
Or Here. ;)

Another great thing to check out, My awesome friend Joy from Another Enchanted Land is hosting a Winter Writing Contest!  Be sure to check it out here! 
And speaking of Joy's writing contest, here is my entry...really hope it isn't awful cause I haven't written anything in a while..eek...
First Snow (Entry for AEL Writing Contest)

The wind's icy breath nips my cheeks, my nose, my ears.
Snowflakes get caught on my eyelashes, 
disappearing into nothing as I blink.
I twirl around, dizzy with joy and
 the intoxicating excitement of the first snowfall.
My footsteps make crunching noises in fallen snow, 
spread across the earth like frosting spread over a cake.
The snow feels refreshing.  
It's like dipping into the ocean in July, 
or when you're awake at night just waiting,
waiting for the dawn, and then you see that first pink ray of sun coming up,
over the trees, spreading it's light over everything.
That's what the snow feels like.
After a month of solid Winter- ice, cold, and wind- the snow feels like a lifesaver.
Winter can be nice.  
But it's always rather dull until the snow comes.
Then there are things to look forward too.
Sledding and skating parties.
Warm and cozy evenings, sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate,
telling stories and looking forward to tomorrow.
I smile, and twirl some more, because snow, the most amazing,
the most wonderful part of Winter,
is here.
So yea, did you guys enjoy that?  I need to start writing more...
I have to do 20 some more chapters for Celia's writing challenge by the end of the year!
EEEEEEKKKKK need to get started xD 

So yes, I will now bring this post to a close.  
Thanks for viewing!  Have a great day! :) :) <3 

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  1. Thanks for moving it till New Years Day! I needed a little more time because of Christmas ya know;) Love the entry for Joy's Writing Challenge! I'm still drafting mine;)

    A Southern Girls Life