A Post...for lack of a better title...

Hey Everyone!
I haven't posted much in a while, sorry about that.
So I decided to do a random post this morning...so here it is! ;)
I learned how to make a gif this morning!  It was actually really easy.

^I think this is my favorite out of the two :)
So...what have I been up to this week....
Actually not much, not much at all.  Just the usual stuff like school, errands, and chores.
Fun fun fun ;)
But we start clogging up again soon so YAY. :P
Here are some random photos from recently...
Aaaaah, this was a BEAUTIFUL sunrise!  (or sunset...I forgot which one it was but I think it was a sunrise ;).

^ Me, my sister, and my cousins at Christmas. :) <3

Mmm, raspberries.  I had to take a picture of them because they looked so pretty! ;)
So yes, hopefully I will post more soon...kinda running low on ideas ;)  But I know if all else fails I have a ton of photos I haven't shared on here yet, so yes ;)
Thanks for viewing!
(By the way how do you guys like my new Camp Half Blood Themed signature? :)

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  1. I love those photos!

    (also, I'm back! Hey Anna! How've you been? I've missed you <3)