Randomness/Percy Jackson Movie Rambling

Hey Everyone!
Wow.  I haven't posted since last year...
^That still seems like such a long time ago!  Although I really haven't posted in a while, not since Christmas Eve ;)  But here I am now, posting...obviously.  :P
So, how was everyone's Christmas/New Year's?  
Ah.  It's a wee bit scary.
So, what have I been up to since January 1st...?  Let's see...
Well, I didn't really do much the first couple of days.  We were still off of school (although I did do science one day just because I felt like it).  I helped my dad outside some and read and just...yea, stuff.  :P
And then on Monday we started school.  Yay.  Whoopee.
Actually, I really don't mind it that much.  I love science and writing, so the only loathsome subject is math and that is really not that loathsome at the present time (yay).
So this week I've been doing school, hanging out with friends some, going outside some when it's not too cold (like today.  Today was a wonderful day to be inside, cozy and warm.), and I've also been working on my Youtube Channel some.  My bro and I did a video yesterday which I must say is one of my best, it was pretty funny, and really loong, oops. :P lol
I have also, of course, been reading!!!  I have a long list of books to read in January, including the first and last Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, a new one I found at the library called "Bread and Roses, too.", and The Hobbit.  I'm really excited about reading that one, I started reading the Lord of the Rings but I couldn't really get into it, so I decided to read The Hobbit first.  My mom also found a J.R.R Tolkien (or however that's spelled) biography for me to read, so I will be working on that.  
And the last book in the Betsy-Tacy series!  I'm kind of sad...it's so good so far, but I don't want it to be over!  The book series starts when Betsy is about 6 years old, and goes all the way through school and college and then goes on some more and now, in the last book, she's getting married, the end.  :(  I mean it's good she got married but it's bad that I'm finishing the series.
But one thing I do like about it is that she gets married very early in the book, and the story doesn't end there.  I feel like a lot of books are like,"Yes.  They got married.  The End."  
But I want to find out what happens AFTER they get married! Grrr...
So at least this series isn't like that ;)
Blood of Olympus!  I still need to read it!  But I kind of don't want to...
I mean, duh, I want to, it's Percy Jackson after all.
But I don't want that series to be over either!  Like really, Rick Riordian needs to write another Camp Half Blood series!  Same characters, new adventures!  That totally needs to happen!
I have been writing some, nothing really blog-worthy, but a few things.  
I now understand (somewhat) why authors take forever and ever and some more time to write books.  I only got in eight chapters for C.C.C.W.C...oh well, I thought I wasn't gonna get that much done!  Although out of about 30 chapters I really would have liked to get at least half way through but oh well, I'm still going to finish the story, just slower, now that I don't have a deadline ;)
I have also been baking some this past week, on Monday I baked chocolate cupcakes with chocolate-maple frosting (YUM), and yesterday I baked brownies (YUM).  I'm gonna start doing some more recipes/crafty tutorials on my Youtube Channel and on this blog.
Oh my word.  I am now going to rant about the Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief movie.
Watch out. :P
*****Spoiler Alert for the movie and the first book*****
First and foremost: The Cast
Okay, I will make it simple.
^Not Annabeth
^Not Grover
^Meh.  Percy's okay.  His eyes should be green instead of blue but other than that he's okay.
BUT!  One thing I will add about Percy AND Annabeth.
They were TWELVE.  Yes.  12.
^ Not, absolutely NOT sixteen.  I mean really.
"Oh, we don't feel like casting twelve year olds, no big deal, we'll just add four years to their age.  Nobody will even notice!"
Second:  Percy's first day at Camp Half Blood.
First off, Annabeth. 
The first time Percy meets Annabeth.
Okay, when I first saw Annabeth, I thought she was Clarrisse.
Annabeth is a good fighter.  But, she's not known for beating every boy in camp or anything.  She should be introduced telling Percy he drools in his sleep, for pete's sake. 
And also, Percy is like, "Whoah.  Who is she?  She's so pretty.  Oh my word.  I like her."
  I mean really the look on his face.  
They were twelve.  They didn't like each other yet.
Oh and Grover when he was going over to talk to some Aphrodite girls.
Um, Hello?
Grover is a Satyr.  He is not that kind of person.
What about Juniper!?   I mean she wasn't his girlfriend yet, but still!  He strikes me as more of a tree nymph guy.  
Okay.  Percy doesn't have a battle against Annabeth.
And the when they go to Luke's cabin.
Hey look at all those gaming devices/computers.
I think this would fall into the same category as a PHONE?
And just...ug.  
It was annoying.
But it's really fun to watch if you want to find all of these little things.  And over-all, it wasn't a terrible movie.  It was a good movie and a horrible Percy Jackson movie.
I think I'll just called it Peter Johnson and the Person who stole the Lighting.  Yup, I like that. :P
SO anyways, I suppose this will be the end of this post.
Thanks for reading!  If you've read Percy Jackson and seen the movie, comment below and tell me what you thought of it! :)
Have a great day!

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  1. I am a huge PJ fan and I absolutely love the books. Buuuuuuuttttt, both the movies are horrible.
    I definitely recommend the 2nd series though some of the books are.. not the best. The first and last *cough cough.
    Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy the series. :)



  2. I've never read or watched the PJ series, but I guess I should probably do that sometime....I read the Betsy-Tacy series a long time ago too, and I really loved it, especially when they were kids. Their life seemed so amazing to me XD
    -Lauren <3

  3. I totally agree!