Hey Everyone!
It's February!  Yay!  I like February.
Well...except for that all the stores have turned into pink nightmares :P  I mean really, do they think people are going to be buying pink flowers/cookies/cupcakes a month before Valentine's Day? :P  Other than that though, Valentine's Day is a pretty good Holiday.  I like pink, just not too much of it.  And it's fun making valentines for my friends, and there's candy so it's all good;)

I'll probably do some Valentine's Day Themed DIYs/Recipes next week, so you guys can look forward to that ;)
Right now I'm drinking a pink smoothie.  It's yummy.  <That was random.

^ On Monday night my clogging team, The Little River Cloggers, had our Awards Night.  It was really fun and really crowded ;)  This picture is my team (Gold Team).
SO yes.  I guess that will be the end of this post...but I'll have another soon! ;)
Thanks for viewing!  Have a great day!
-Anna <3
(I don't have my signature on this post because it was messing up)

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  1. That's cool that you clog!!! I've always wanted to learn.