Life Update #1

Hey Everyone!
So I've been thinking about my update posts (the really random ones that have no point that I've been doing a lot of lately-yeah, those :P ).  When I do those it's usually because I'm running low on post ideas, but then I usually don't really have any idea what to say in them, so I came up with a kind of format for a basic update post overing the 4 basic subjects of interest- Reading, Writing, Inspiration, and Fun Stuff.  So, here we go, trying this out... 
I just finished The Hobbit!  Oh my gosh it was soooooo good!  It's like 2nd on my legendary awesome books list.

I just ordered The Blood of Olympus! 
Yaaaay!  So when that gets here I will be in my room for a day...reading...yeah. :P
But I cannot wait to read it! 
SO....fun stuff going on lately...well, this weekend I went to Hannah's B-Day Party which was a lot of fun, and tomorrow we start clogging again (our team takes about 2 months off around Christmas), and other than that  I haven't been doing much else...
Oh but a random (not necessarily fun) thing that happened was that I got braces.  Yay. (I guess :P ) 

This. (Which was beautiful).

(I'm not including a writing section in this Life Update because I have not been writing lately.  Like at all. :(
So there ya go...hopefully you guys enjoyed this post!  Thanks for viewing! :)
-Anna <3


  1. The Hobbit is such a good book! I am currently reading the Lord of The Rings series. :)

  2. I watched the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit! I need to read the books.
    I just started a party on my blog called Friday Friends. It's would mean a ton to me if you would take some time and check it out and maybe joined? Thank you!