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Hey Guys!
It snowed AGAIN! 
This time it's 7-8 inches!  Yay! :D  It's so fun, really hard to walk in though :P  I went outside after breakfast to take a bunch of photos, and after lunch my siblings and I are going to build forts and throw snowballs ;)
Last night I was making pizza, and I was trying to open a can of pineapple, and it slipped and cut my finger open.  I bled a lot, and then got dizzy and passed out.  But it feels a lot better now; still a little sore, but not bleeding anymore and I don't need stitches so yay :P  
And oh my gosh guys!  I just looked at my followers and I have 54 FOLLOWERS!

Oh my gosh!  Thanks guys! <3
So...I was thinking of having a contest/giveaway when I get to 70 followers!
What would you guys like, a giveaway or a writing or photo contest?
I can't decide which to do so help! :P
I'll probably devote the rest of the day to studying for tests (I have an Algebra test AND a Science test tomorrow; that was NOT planned well :P ), drinking tea, playing outside, and working on my youtube channel :)  Hope everyone has a great day, snow or otherwise!
-Anna <3

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