You know what to do. (Entry for Hannah's writing contest).

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"You know what to do."
Yes.  I do.  But how?  That's the question.
There's less information in this journal than there is sun at midnight.
My hands tremble as I pick up the key.  I know what it's for.  I know exactly what to do with it.
But it brings back memories.  Memories of darkness, total darkness.  Darkness and strange voices.  Voices urgently whispering.  I remember the cold, the wind, the snow.  All the memories come back as I hold the key, and it seems to grow cold in my hand.  I quickly set it down.  I flip through the journal again, but except for the one message-"You know what to do."- it's completely blank.
I sigh, looking out the window at the wintry night.  It's just like that night, almost ten years ago.  The cold.  The wind.  The snow.
I button up my coat.  Shakily, I pick up the key and the journal, and slip them into my pocket.
I know what to do.
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