Hello Everyone...

Hey Guys!

Here is a quick selfie so that you don't all decide that I've dropped off the face of the earth.
Sorry I have been kinda (okay, REALLY) inactive lately.  I feel like I haven't done a real post in a while, just a few tutorials and the like.
So anyways and anyhow, here is a post that I am posting...(way to go self, stating the obvious cause nobody knew that).
If my ramblings make no sense forgive me, I'm rather tired at the moment.
On a side note, does anybody else find it funny that when you're typing a post and you use the word "selfie", a little red line appears under it?  Like welcome to the century, auto correct.  Sheesh.
I'm super excited because I started a drawing today and I feel like it's not going to totally fail, yay!
I'll try to post a pic when it's completely done.  
So yes, how have you guys been?  I've been pretty good, though honestly this really hasn't been the best weekend ever.  Oh well, there's always next week ;)
Song I really like lately: Something Beautiful by the Newsboys
Oh!  And I actually did some writing today!  So I can share that with you guys :)
Did She?
It always seems like a good idea...until it's happening.
She knew what lay ahead of her, and she knew that she wanted it.
She knew that there were many benefits to striking out.
It was the unknown that scared her.
She didn't know where to start.  
She didn't know how to get there.
She didn't know what set-backs she might run across; she didn't know what dangers she might face.
She took a deep breath.  She had to choose.
Would the unknown get her down, discourage her?
It scared her, and she wanted to back away from the newness, from the excitement.
She wanted to run from the unknown.
But she had another thought.
"What if there's a different side of unknown?"
There could be a million different unknowns-but they could all be wonderful.
What if everything that lay ahead of her was a marvelous gift?
But what if it wasn't?
"But what if it is?"
She wanted to go forward.
She wanted to leap off the edge, hurl herself into the unknown and embrace the adventure.
The question is...
Did she?
So yea, what did you guys think?  I thought it was pretty good (for me anyway).
Anyways, I had better sign off now and go about my designated reading time before bed.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Ooh, don't leave us hanging like that! I hope there's more to this story. I would love to read the whole thing!
    --Rebecca at The Silver Flute

  2. That was amazing!!! I LOVED it. <3

    A Southern Girls Life