Hello//Another Day

Hey Guys!
I am so so sorry that I have not posted in a while.  I've been working on my blog element site (which is taking longer than I had planned but will be up and running soon!), working on a writing project with a few friends, and finishing up school for the year, so blogging has kinda slipped my mind.
But, I wanted to stop in for a few minutes to say hi to you guys.  
Oh my goodness.  59 Followers!  Thank you guys!  Almost to 60!
A sneak peek of my blog element shop...
More to be revealed soon.
...And a bit of writing I did earlier...
Another Day

It's another day.
Another place checked off his list.
Another word on the roof of his car.
Another no.
Another possible yes.
Another dead end.
Another beginning.
Another picture on his phone.
Another song in his head.
Another memory.
Another thing forgotten.
Another day.
So yes, I'm pretty pleased with how that turned out :)  What'd you guys think?
Hope everyone is having a great week and will be finished (or is already finished) with school soon!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I really like that little bit of writing you did. : )

    I think your blog designs are so fun, I bet your shop will do awesome!


  2. Amazing writing! :)

    - Ellie