Chaos Walking Dream Cast/Ranting

Hello Everyone!
Okay, so I just finished the Chaos Walking trilogy.  
*hysterical sobbing*  *hysterical screaming*  
It makes me sad that not a lot of people have read this series because it's really really really amazing and wonderful.  I love it as much as I love the Percy Jackson series.  That's saying a lot.  A heck of a lot.  Oh my goodness though the feels...
*spoiler alert*
Okay.  So when I read that last part in Monsters of Men...oh my gosh.  I was literally crying about it oh my gosh.  I was not expecting that.  At all.  
But I am so glad Todd came back!!!  Well kinda sorta almost.  I need to read the sequel.
So today I made a dream cast out of random pics of people I found on Pinterest who look like what I imagine the characters as.  Enjoy...

Todd Hewwit
Oh my gosh Todd you are the sweetest character ever.  Oh my gosh.  Todd is so amazing.  I love how he remains the boy who can't kill, even when he has to kill.  I love how he's saving the world for Viola.  I love how he believes Mayor Prentiss can change, even after all he's done.
When 1017 killed him...
I'm sorry but there are no words to describe the grief.  I had to put the book down before I continued. 

Viola Eade
Oh my gosh Viola!  My favorite character!!!
I love how she's always forgives Todd, even when she thinks he's gone to the other side and even when he's almost losing himself.  I love how when she's sick and dying and she pushes that out of the way because she knows there are more important things to think about.  She doesn't stop pushing towards peace with the Spackle, even when she's the one who started the war by firing that missile.
For Todd.
I love how she's the only one who will stand up to Mistress Coyle.  
 I love how she's so nice to Lee.  Even when she knows he loves her and she doesn't feel the same way, she doesn't push him away.  She's still his friend and she protects him and accepts that he does the same for her.
I hated what happened to her at the end of the first book...
but just the same...
Davy Prentiss
I love Davy.  
I know he's the one who shot Viola.  I know that at one point he wants power as much as his father.  But he changed.  Todd changed him.  He loved Todd, as a friend and a brother.  He wanted him for a brother, wanted to impress his dad to badly.
I love how he's so sweet to Todd, giving him his book back, saving his life...
Treating him like a little brother. 
I hate how his father ignores him and acts like he's a disappointment. 
I hate how Mayor Prentiss looks at Todd and says, "Look Davy.  Here is the boy I want for my son.  Why can't you be more like him?"
I hate that his father was sending him into battle.
With an unloaded weapon.
I hate what happened to Davy.
I hate what he had to hear as he died.
I hate that he thought he was so close to having a father who was proud of him, a new brother who he loved, a new sister, a new world.
And then his father betrayed him in the worst way.  
And as he died he had to listen to his father...
listen to his father tell Todd that he didn't want Davy as a son...
that he would much rather have Todd as a son...
Todd...instead of Davy.
And Davy had to hear that as he died.  

Maddy!  I love her!  I love how she's so cheerful and easy going even when times are rough and even when she's supposed to be serious.  And yet she's scared.  Scared to break the rules.
And when she does...
she died.
I  miss Maddy.  If she hadn't died she could've had such a good part in the story.
I detest Mr. Hammer.

Ooh, Simone!
Why!?  Why wasn't Todd able to grab you?  You instead of the Mayor!  The Mayor got into Todd's head...and you, you died running knowingly into danger to save people.  You died when the Mayor easily could of died-deserved to die-instead of you.  All because the Mayor spread his lies and got too far into Todd's mind.  
And Bradley.  I wish you had given him a chance.
But that's okay.  

I feel so sorry for Bradley.
He loved Simone, but it wasn't mutual.
But she knew, Bradley.  She knew you would've done anything for her.  She knew.
And she always knew you were a great man.  But I think she was starting to see just what a wonderful person you were.
Even when she was acting against your will...
She respected you.  And I honestly believe she was going to give you a chance. 
Mayor Prentiss
I'm sorry.  But I honestly hate you, Mayor Prentiss.
You.  You.  YOU.  You.
You, who trained your son to kill.
To try and kill Viola.  
You, who lead men and sat upon your horse, not emotion whatsoever, while innocent men, women, and children were killed.
All because you ordered it.  You. 
You who killed without a second thought, just to get your way.
You, who banded women so that you could have control over them.
Knowing that the bands would eventually kill them.
Not giving out the cure.
Even though you had it.  You.
You, who tortured women.  Even when you knew that they didn't have the information you wanted.  
You who controlled men into doing what you wanted without giving it a second thought.
Sending some to their deaths.  You.
You who killed thousands of Spackle, forcing one to watch his friends, his family, his species, his one in particular all be killed.  And then you let him survive.  You let 1017 survive, knowing he would be found by the rest of them, knowing that they would come back and wipe out anything in their path.
You, who captured Viola.
You who tortured her.  You tortured Viola! 
And you made Todd watch.  Made him watch you torture Viola.  Knowing how much that would hurt him.
And then...
and then...
Then you killed your only son.
You killed him.  
Without a second thought.
Just like that.
You killed your own son.
And as he lay there, dying, because of you...
you told him how much you wished he wasn't your son.
Told him how much you wished Todd was your son instead. 
That was the last thing he heard before he died.
After his father shot him, the last thing he heard was that his father thought he was just a huge disappointment.  Before he died.
All because of you.
And that wasn't enough.
You battled the Spackle, pretended to change, but really all you ever had in mind was winning.
You fired on the Spackle, not paying any attention to the fact that Viola and Bradley were down there.  You didn't care.  
And then you tried to kill Todd.
And I am glad you died.
Because I don't care who says you might have been redeemable.  I don't care how many times you pretended to change, or even if you did change, because you went back to how you were before.
I hate you. 

Mistress Coyle.
I don't really know how I feel about you.  You kill, without a second thought.  You put Viola's life in danger, Todd's life in danger, Lee's life in danger,  without even thinking, just so you could get your way.  But in the end, I think your cause was better than Mayor Prentiss's.  Because you truly did want peace.  You didn't want people to die.  You healed people.  
At the same time, though, I think you killed as many people as you healed.
And even in the end, when you hadn't won...it wasn't enough to finally live in a world of peace.  You couldn't accept the fact that the Mayor received the credit for peace.
No.  Rather than live knowing he had won, you killed yourself.  Trying to take him with you as well.  But instead, taking Simone with you, killing  Simone.  And more innocent people.  All so that in the end, you could feel as though you had at least won something, if not everything.  

Corrine.  Oh my goodness Corrine.
It wasn't enough for you to lose your father and then your mother.
It wasn't enough for you to live your life with regret, regret that there was a cure right there and that you could've saved her, if you had only known.  No.  The Mayor had to capture you.  And torture you.  And ultimately kill you.
Okay end of rant.
But if you've read this series, imagine a movie of this...
Imagine all the characters.
Imagine Todd and Viola saving each other, bringing each other back.  Imagine Davy shooting Viola and Todd running, running like crazy to save her.  Imagine the awful cliffhanger when the last thing we see in the first movie is Todd cradling a dying Viola and realizing there's no hope.
Imagine Maddy's death in the second movie.  And Corrine's.  Imagine Viola being Asked, and Todd beating his fists on the glass, going out of his mind because he just can't get to her.  Imagine him yelling out the information the Mayor wants.  To save her.
Imagine their reunion after she's Asked.
Imagine Davy's death.
Imagine in the third movie, when Simon dies. 
Imagine when Lee is blinded.  
Imagine when Mistress Coyle kills herself.
Imagine when the Mayor kills himself.
 Imagine watching Todd and Viola growing distant and then growing close again, closer than ever. 
Imagine their first kiss.   Imagine...
Imagine Todd dying.  Imagine Viola's greif, Ben's greif, even 1017's greif.
Imagine Viola, so angry and so heartbroken and knowing he's gone and knowing she has nothing left to live for.  Imagine her wanting to kill 1017 so badly.
But stopping herself.  Stopping herself so that she can stop the war so that there will always be people left to remember Todd and what he did.
So that Todd won't have died for nothing.
Imagine when Ben realizes it...realizes that Todd has come back.
He was dead, but he came back.
Imagine Viola when she realizes it too.
Imagine her reading to him, watching, waiting, all those days waiting for him to wake up.
Imagine if in the last movie, at the end, they showed him waking up.
Okay now my rant is really over.
I just love this series so so much.  
Thanks for reading! 


  1. The person you chose for mayor prentiss...Is that Ewan mcgregor or whatever his name is star wars (aka kenobi?)...It looks so much like him...
    I love making dream castings for books :)

  2. I nominated you for an award!