31 Day Blog Challenge (Day 24)

Day 24:
Describe your most embarrassing moment.

How about...no.
Okay, fine.
But the thing is, I have tons of little embarrassing moments but not like a "most embarrassing" moment.  I try to forget about them because thinking about them just aggravates me.  A lot.
But there is one that my brain will not let me forget...I'm not going to tell the whole story with full detail, but basically I was carrying my brother and walking over to where some of my friends were and then my brother started yelling out my deepest darkest secret.
(Just kidding.  It wasn't that much of a deep dark secret but it was a secret nonetheless.)
And there were people around, lots of people who I know.
And when I asked him to stop, he just yelled it louder.  So I was like "oh my gosh do I just act normal or do I carry him the other way or put him down and tell him to go away or what?" because I didn't want to make it a bigger deal but ug it was very annoying.  And embarrassing.
Brothers.  *facepalm*
So yes.  
What's your most embarrassing moment?  I would love to hear it xD

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