31 Day Blog Challenge (Day 4)

31 Day Blog Challenge
Day 4: Favorite Childhood Memory

Hmm...okay, I have a lot of good memories and I really don't have a "favorite".  However, there are some that I remember more than others, so here are a few...

When I was 11, one of my best friends, Grace, got to come stay with me for almost a whole week.  My family used to live in Asheville, which is where I met Grace, but then we moved, so I don't get to see her much anymore.  So we were both super excited!  We wrote emails and lettera back and forth for a month beforehand, making all kinds of plans.  We drove halfway to Asheville to meet her family so she could ride home with us.  We all ate lunch together before heading back, and we were so excited!!!  Grace had made paper dolls for us that looked exactly like us, but had different names.  She had also made all kinds of outfits for them.  (She's really good at that type of thing ;).   We dressed them up while we were eating, and then talked and talked and talked on the way home.  (We had a lot to catch up on.)  While she was there, we went swimming in the pool a lot, we read together (we're probably the only people in the world who have made reading one book a two person activity and enjoyed it), we played with our American Girl dolls, dressed them up, and rode bikes.  We also went to the tea room with my mom!  It was fun getting all dressed up.  Oh yeah, and while she was here Grace talked me into getting my ears peirced. xD
It was really sad when she had to leave.
Another great memory is when we went camping for my 10th birthday.   My whole family went for a weekend to a Pisca Forest camp site.  And the best part was that one of my best friends, Hannah, and her family came with us...AND we met Grace and her family there, and my other frienda from Asheville and their families!!!  It was pretty much the best weekend ever.  We stayed up late sitting by the campfire, went hiking, went to a fish hatchery one day (that was actually really interesting.), and went swimming in the lake.  

I also remember one day when my mom, my sister Layne, and I went to a doll party with one of my best friends Celia, her sister Elly, and her mom.  We dressed up and brought our dolls, and it was kind of like a tea party.  Afterwards, we were about to go home, but then we decided last minute to go over to Celia's house for the afternoon.  And we ended up fishing, but we didn't catch any fish.  Just a couple of turtles. xD

While we're on the subject of fishing, I have a lot of good memories of fishing with my whole family and my grandparents when I was younger :) 

Okay, this last one is kinda funny.
One time my sister and I stayed for a few days at my grandparents house with our cousins, Maggie and Audrey.   Maggie and I were about 8, and Layne and Audrey were 6.  One of us lost a hairbrush, and then Maggie lost her bathing suit.  But we decided that there was a thief on the loose who had stolen the items.  So we set out to become master detectives, and my uncle was our main suspect. xD We followed him around sneakily, and even raided his room, but in the end it was our little cousin who had found the  items ans taken them into her room.  xD

(Sorry for that very long post.)


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  2. I loved camping with y'all! It was SO much fun! I remember that trip like it was yesterday!

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