31 Day Blog Challenge (Day 7)

Day 7:
What's your Dream Career?

Okay, I'm not really totally sure.  I really enjoy things like art, music, acting, dancing, writing,and photography but I don't think any of those is going to end up as my career.  I'll keep doing and enjoying those things, but they're really more like hobbies.  With the exception of Photgraphy and Writing.  One of my goals in life is to publish a book, so writing could end up kind of being one of my careers.  Also, if I ever have a good oppurtunity I'd like to do some professional photography.
But I'm thinking of pursuing a major in Biochemistry.  I've always really enjoyed science, particularly Biology and Chemistry.  So I think Biochemistry would be a career that I would really enjoy and would suit me well. 

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