31 Day Blog Challenge (Days 15-21)

Hey Guys...
so yeah, guess who got way behind in the blog challenge...like really far behind...
as in almost a week a whole week behind...
Yep.  Me.
  Wow I totally did not see that coming I mean I never forget to post on here.
So anyways here we go, posting a week's worth of challenges in one post.
Day 15:
List 10 Things that make you Awesome.

Um...okay.  This one is hard because it's hard to list things about yourself that may or may not make you awesome.  It would be easier to list ten things that make someone else awesome.  So anyways, instead of listing ten things that I feel make me awesome, I will simply list 10 facts about me that may or may not qualify me as awesome, that depends upon who you are.

^This could also qualify me as insane.

Day 16:
What's your biggest accomplishment?

Hm...I don't really know.  I mean I have little things that I'm proud of myself for doing but I can't really name one that really sticks out...
Day 17:
Why and When did You Start Blogging?

I started blogging in the February of 2013.  My friend Celia had told me about it and it sounded like fun sooo I decided to try it and here I am.
Day 18:
Where are you happiest?

Well, I'm happy when I'm in my bed reading, I'm happy when I'm traveling with my family (preferably somewhere with Mountains.)  But mainly it's who I'm with...I'm happy pretty much anywhere as long as I'm with people who's company I enjoy.
Day 19:
List 5 Blogs You Read on a Regular Basis and Why.

(By my friend Celia <3)
I love Celia's blog because her posts are fun and inspiring <3
A Southern Girls Life
(By my friend Hannah <3)
I love Hannah's blog...it's just so beautiful and lovely and I love beautiful and lovely things <3  Also you can get a sense that she is a sweet and wonderful person just by reading her posts.  (And it's true.)
Another Enchanted Land
(By my friend Joy <3)
I love Joy's blog because her writing is beautiful and it's very fun :)

(By Rose)
Rose's blog is marvelous.  It's inspiring, and her writing is beautiful.  It's over all probably one of the loveliest blog on the internet in the history of ever. <3

Other blogs I read regularly are...
+Fiction and Tea by the beautiful Bethan <3
+A Girl by the lovely Elly <3
+Think. Eat. Write. Read. by the marvelous Mackenzie <3
Day 20:
What do you collect?

Nothing anymore.  I used to collect bottle caps, and then I collected stamps for a while but I got bored with it...I  guess you could say I collect books...I do have rather a lot of them...
Ah ha.  I've thought of something inspirational to say:
I collect memories.
So Sweet.
I don't even know.
Anyways that's basically true because everyone collects memories.
So yes.
Day 21:
What's your biggest Fear?

I don't really know...some things I really don't like are...
(to some extent.  I enjoy being up high but if it feels unstable I kinda freak sometimes.  I mean no one likes falling from 20+ feet into the air.  Or rather landing after falling that far...),
and I don't enjoy being in vehicles that are moving faster than they should.

But I wouldn't say that any of those are my greatest fear.
I mean if I see a spider, I sometimes scream a little (depending on the size and whether or not it startled me) and then I just kill it.  Or sometimes I feel merciful and I simply re-home it to the great outdoors.  If I'm up somewhere really high I can usually get down easily enough (without falling though I suppose falling is very easy.)
But I don't really know.
Phew.  All caught up.  If you read that whole entire post then congrats to you.
Anyways thanks for reading, as usual...


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