Elysian Award

Hey Guys!
Today I am doing the Elysian award.  I was nominated by the lovely Elly...be sure to check out her amazing blog!!
Thanks Elly! <3


1. copy and paste the button above (or you can get it from my sidebar) and put it in the award post.
2. put these rules in the post.
3. nominate a few bloggers and comment on their blog with a link to your post for them to see.
3. answer the 8 questions given to you and give your nominees 8 questions for them to answer.

I nominate:

My answers to Elly's questions...
1. how would you describe your blog?
Um...Random.  As in all of the posts are pretty irrelevant to the other posts and I usually have no idea WHAT the what I am doing.
2. favorite thing to do?
Read...or draw...or just sit and think and listen to music or talk with friends or just sit and enjoy being with friends.
3. what are some of your summer plans?
Hang out with my friends lots and go swimming/shopping with them as well.   And read.  A lot. :)
4. if you were stranded on an island and you had to have one Disney villain with you, who would you choose?
probably..um.  Wow.  I really don't know, sorry.  Good question though I just have no idea.
5. what is a food that you hate?
Bacon.  And Olives.
6. what is one thing that you can just fandom over forever?
Heh.  Percy Jackson.  Or Chaos Walking.  Either of those.
7. what is the last song you listened to?
Fight Song by Rachel Platten
8. what are you wearing right now?
A black tee shirt and black shorts.  

My questions for my nominees:
1. What is your favorite Sci-Fi book?
2. Favorite color scheme?
3. Favorite month of the year?
4. Favorite thing to blog about?
5. What's your favorite movie?
6. If you were to change into an animal, which animal would you want to change into?
7. Favorite superhero?
8. Who's your favorite band/song artist?
Thanks again for nominating me, Elly!
Hope everyone's having a great day!

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