Autumn and School and Busy-ness and Cats and Stuff

Hey Guys,
Sorry it has been quite a while since I have posted...
School has started so yeah...
Good-bye youtube (and internet in general), good-bye fictional books, good-bye social life, good-bye blogging and free time and sleep and....
Okay.  Not that dramatic but still, I kid you not I got busy overnight.
It was summer, nothing going on, just reading, the internet, going places, doing a few things,
and then...
I woke up last Monday...
and BOOM.
I have like one and a half free weekdays now.
And on weekends I spend evenings preparing for the following school week...
So yes.  I usually start out the school year excited to be doing school but kinda like "Ugh.  School.  Not agaain."  But this year I am really ambitious and maybe being a bit of an over-achiever about the whole thing.  I have all of my subjects color coded, I might even color code designated pencils so that I don't lose them...okay maybe not because I'll still lose them and then end up using "chemistry pencils" for history and yeah...
My english/writing curriculum has the option to make it an honors course, which isn't required but I really want to do it...only problem is it requires twice the amount of schoolwork so... yeah.  I'll probably end up doing it though because I want that to be able to be an honors course.

I am a Sophomore this year.
Bruh what happened.
Last year just starting high school seemed really crazy but now that I'm not a "Freshie" anymore I'm just like...
Like where did the first 15 years of my life go?!
I do like being fifteen better than being fourteen though, so far.

I am so excited for FALL!
Or Autumn.
Autumn sounds more poetic and interesting so I try to say that but sometimes I get lazyyy.
But I love cool weather, and I love wearing jeans, and long sleeved shirts, and boots, and I love being cold (yeah I don't know why) and I love Autumn leaf colors and yeeah.
Only thing about Autumn that annoys me is the fact that all my sister will talk about is Starbucks and which new clothes she is going to get for Autumn.
Conversations usually go something like this...
Me: Oh it's kinda chilly outside this morning!
Layne: Yay!  Fall is almost here!
*she doesn't say Autumn >.<*
Me: Yay!  I have my whole school year organized, and-
Layne: And STARBUCKS!  And Fall Clothes!
Me: ...
Layne: Hmm I wonder if I should get brown boots or black boots...
Layne: I hope we can go to Starbucks a lot.

So yes.  She and her friends are very into Starbucks and shopping right now...
which is fine, just a bit annoying to hear about TWENTY-FOUR-SEVEN.
*cough* *cough*



Also on a random side note today my cat was being extra adorable omygosh it was so cute.
She was eating the stuffing out of our outdoor furniture cushions.
I don't think my mom was too pleased (She wasn't.  She even went so far as to call my beautiful, innocent, sweet little Tempest evil.  The nerve...) but it was soooo adorable <3

So yes, happy first day of September to you all and good luck with your school year.
(By the way there are no pictures with this post because my laptop is being weird and I can't upload pics for some reason.)


  1. Great post! School is crazy busy for me as well, and highschool is a big change. Tempest is too cute for words.