Writing Piece for Hannah's Challenge...

     Hey Guys,
Here is a bit of writing I did today for Hannah's Writing Prompt Challenge.
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Sorry my piece isn't titled...I really didn't know what to call it, oh well.

        I'm walking down the hall, same as every day, minding my own business on my way to class.
People rush about, pushing and shoving and dodging other students.  My brain is so focused on just getting into my classroom and avoiding getting killed in the crowds that I almost don't notice a faint beeping sound in the back of my mind.  When I do notice, I stop so suddenly that I almost get crushed beneath a crowd of jock guys.  
You see, I have a secret.  
          I can sense how dangerous someone is, on a scale of one to ten, just by looking at them.  I am alerted of the scale of someone's dangerousness by a small beeping sound in my brain.  No one else can hear these sounds, so no one knows about my secret.  Usually the beeps are low-pitched, since usually the people around me only measure up to a one or a two- one for a child, two for an average-sized adult.  Sometimes if I pass an especially large guy in the street I'll get a three alert, and there is the occasional incident where the beeping becomes more insistent (a five) when I walk past an armed policeman.  There have been a few times when I've gotten a six or a seven-if that happens I get out of the immediate area as fast as I can.  Just to be safe.  I don't know if the "measurements" are telling me how dangerous these people are to me, or just to everyone in general.  There's no one to ask.

         I press myself against the wall, out of the way of everyone, and scan the room again.  There.  I see him.  He's the new kid; it's only his third day at this school.  I wouldn't have thought he'd be more than a two- he's my height, doesn't look like he's the strongest guy out there, and his face looks like a face that just wants to stay out of everyone's way.  Strange.  Usually the more dangerous people look rather dangerous.  I take a few deep breaths, trying to stay calm.  I can remember the last time a got a "ten" alert.  Almost two years ago.
         For the first few months I knew him, he only measured a two, which was normal since he was a tall and muscular teenaged guy.  I felt he was trustworthy, and so I told him my secret.  Everything was fine for a long time after that, but then, one day it happened.  I was walking along with him, and all of a sudden I felt a very high-pitched, insistent beep in the back of my head.  Even though I'd never heard it before, I knew without a doubt that it was the alert for a ten.  He was the only person around.  I didn't understand how he could suddenly go from a two to a ten, and he acted normally, so I ignored the beeping for a couple more weeks, even though it got so insistent when I was around him that sometimes it gave me a headache.  Two weeks later I found out that the measurements don't just judge how much someone could physically hurt me.  They measure how much someone could emotionally hurt me as well.

It's a bit of a cliffhanger I guess...sorry, lol.

This is the prompt I used:

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    - Ellie

  2. This was so good! I love the plot twist at the end.
    ~K. P.

  3. Fantastic! Love your new design. :)
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  4. Woooah girl! I wanna keep reading! It's so good! I didn't even think, until you wrote it, that the people could be emotionally dangerous! So cool! :D

  5. Anna that's amazing! Great job:)

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