Blogtober- 10.6.15 and 10.7.15

Your Six Favorite Bloggers (and why).

This is really really hard because I have probably thirty or fifty blogs that I love reading.  Sooooo instead of listing just six and the reasons, I think I'll just list eight of my favorite bloggers, in no particular order...
(Click their names to learn about them and click the name of their blog to go to their home page.)

Celia from CECE

So I know that I was probably supposed to include a picture with this one, but I don't have a picture of my current outfit and I don't want to take one...so I will simply tell you what I'm wearing.  I am wearing black jeans, a dark grey/white shirt, and my necklace which I always wear.  And black flats.

Anyways, thanks for reading <3

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