Guest Post by Ellie

Hey Guys,
Here is a lovely post from the wonderful Ellie...enjoy...
*peers out from under my rock*

*sees you*

*pulls up a chair and sits down*

Hi there!

The name's Ellie.

You can often find me on the other side of reality.

And I'm super excited to be guest posting on the lovely Anna's blog. Today I have for you ten writing prompts, as one of the worst things about writing is definitely when you run out of ideas. Enjoy :).

~ All prompts are my own, and anything resembling something already out there is purely coincidental. ~

1. "DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLIMB OVER WALL," reads the sign posted on the tall, metal-linked gates encircling the baseball field.
I smile wryly as I pass by. "They have no idea...."

2. Imagine a society where once they reach adulthood, every person has new and experimentry drugs tested on them. A lot die from failed drugs (the government's way of "culling the herd"), some escape unchanged, and a lucky few emerge with a condition (such as chronic migraines or diabetes) they had before resolved or improved. Write about this society or set a story in it.

3. Let it be known that it is never a good idea to startle an irritable old lady holding a monkey wrench.

4. "Do you like fairies?"
"That's about to change."

5. I never in my life thought I would be dancing with Jason Sutton on a balcony of an abandoned restaurant hung with Christmas lights at midnight.

6. "You know, you're a lot less attractive when I'm talking to you with a gun to my throat."

7. Write about a feeling - sorrow, anger, joy - without using the word of that feeling. 

8. Compare your mind to a haunted house. Write about fighting your personal demons and insecurities.

9. What happens when you sit down on an airplane next to a witch?

10. Reverse the traditional "troll under the bridge" story - a troll is going over a bridge and finds himself bothered by someone very irritable from underneath the bridge. Who are they? What happens next?


Thank you again to Anna for letting me guest post! I hope these writing prompts helped you, and have a lovely day. :)

- Ellie
Thanks Elly
(And thanks everyone for reading!) <3

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