Hello Everyone,

So, unfortunately I have decided not participate in Blogtober any longer.  The reality of me being able to post every day is...not a reality.  Or something.  Yeah...
So anyways, it was a fun challenge while it lasted!  

I'm trying to get ready for NaNoWriMo next month!  Though I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to "get ready"...I guess just hope and pray that I have time to write a 50,000 word novel in November.  
If any of you guys are participating, let me know so I can add you as writing buddies!  (My username is anna_elisabeth_713).

Books to never.  Ever.  Ever.  Ever.  Read:
The Selection Series by Kiara Cass.

Just kidding.  You should actually read it.
But can we just talk about the emotional ups and downs!?
I mean of course she isn't going to fall in love with him and then everything work out perfectly.  But usually in stories then there is one guy and one girl, and usually the guy has at least one other girl who throws tension into everything but when you add THIRTY FOUR OTHER GIRLS!?
It's like a crazy messed up love triangle.  Well, no, not a triangle as a triangle only possesses three sides...
I don't know what it is.  Something that makes me want to throw the book across the room, that's what it is.  Anyways...

This was a very random (and very short) post.  Fair warning, it could be the last one for a little while.  I'll try to get back to it as soon as I can though.  

Thanks for reading <3


  1. I've been thinking of reading the Selection series for a while, but I'm currently mired in Vampire Chronicles and Wheel of Time. Maybe when I'm done with those, though.

  2. Anna is doing NaNoWriMo too! Maybe y'all should be friends (I mean, a long time ago that was the case, but y'all probably haven't talked in a long time). She also did it last year.

    1. Awesome, that would be great! I'll try to find her on there! :) Ug, I know, it's been way too long since I've seen you guys!

  3. I just read The Selection last week. The triangle is crazy haha I want to read the rest of the trilogy!