NaNoWriMo Summary/Characters

Hey Guys,
So since this month is NaNoWriMo and for some reason I am attempting to write a 50,000 word novel (smacks self in head with book) then I thought I would tell you guys a bit about my story/characters, since all of my brain power is going towards the novel and I have no idea what else to post.  Sooooooooooo yes...

The over-all theme of my novel (I know, this is a terrible summary/synopsis) is that there is a girl (Marie, MC), and she gets kidnapped by someone who seems to be a regular kidnapper (the General).  But it turns out that he has actually been kidnapping lots of teenagers, and some adults too, and forming a sort of army.  Turns out that he seems to be some sort of psychopath (whether he is or not is as of present timing unknown), and he is using the teens to get something that he wants mainly for his own benefit.  So basically Marie comes to this house which is set up as a training station and happens to be one of many.  She lives with multiple other "Cadets" (the teen members of this "army"), and trains with them.  Then multiple turns of events happen, and things start kicking up-and yeah can't say much else without telling you the whole story or writing a well done and detailed synopsis, which I am not going to do right now (no time). 
Another small bit that you might need to know before we go on to characterization is that there are hypothetically "other worlds" in this story. 
Sooooo yes, there you go.  Now here's a bit about some of the main characters.
(I put the word deceased in parentheses after the names of the characters I have already killed off.  *evil laughter*  

My MC's name is Marie (one of the meanings of her name is rebellion, which makes sense in the story...).  She has dark brown hair and light blue eyes, something like the pic below but at the same time not exactly.  She is quiet, sometimes shy, and all-around pretty nice. 
(there's a big part I could say about her, but it would be a major spoiler, so even though I'm not trying to avoid spoilers here I'm gonna leave it out.) 

Chrissa (deceased) is a girl who becomes Marie's first real girl BFF.  She is kinda out-going, sweet, and funny, and also cautious and a bit shy at times.  She thinks before she acts (a lot, which isn't always a good thing).  She has two brothers (Sean is her twin) and also two younger sisters (her sisters are not in the story though.)  She has dark auburn hair (a shade darker than the picture below) and brown eyes.  As you read above, she is deceased, which is sad, cause she is a very nice character.  

Sophia is a girl who Chrissa, Noah, and Marie meet during the story.  She is nice, but very head strong.  Her personality is rebellious, and where Chrissa thinks before she acts, Sophia does not.  She's all around a good person, and she's on the same side as Marie and the other MCs/semi-MCs, but she acts rashly and on spur-of-the-moment thoughts.  

(I don't have any pics of the guy characters, because almost all of the pictures on the internet (at least the ones that even slightly resembled my characters) are of shirtless guys and um no thanks.  Not on this blog.)

The General (this is a self-given nickname to replace his real name) is at first glance a kidnapper who also happens to be a psychopath, but really he is the only one in our world to find out about the other two worlds.  He doesn't have much of a personality thus far, as he is quiet, calm, and in-command.

Derek is Marie's best friend before the story starts.  At the beginning of the book then he and Marie fight (I haven't completely decided what they fight about yet), and he stops talking to her.  Then he disappears altogether (real reason is still unknown in the story).  Derek has brown hair and brown eyes and a funny, easy-going personality, but tends to be overly-sensitive.   

Ryan (deceased) is someone Marie meets during the story.  He is a pretty calm guy, and he's the one who started a rebellion against the General.  After he meets Marie, they become a couple.  Very unfortunately, Ryan dies in the story, as you read above.  The rebellion moves forward though, thanks to people like Marie and Sophia.

Noah is the first person (other than the General himself) who Marie meets after she is kidnapped.  He is funny, carefree, and he sometimes comes across as not the brightest.  All around though he's a sweet guy who has a bad history of his childhood.  He is a member of the rebellion, and he and Marie become good friends.
(I may kill him off, but I'm not sure yet.)

Parker has black hair and grey eyes.  I don't have a lot of details about him yet, because he just joined the story a couple of chapters ago, but so far he seems pretty nice and smart.  He is a member of the rebellion, and he's going to have a major part in the story later, which is the only reason he's even included in this list because thus far he doesn't have very much to say.  

So yes, there are some of my characters and a bit about my story.
(That was a very thrown together post that I didn't put much thought or editing into at all, and I do apologize, but you'll have to bear through with me until November ends.)

Thanks for reading~~


  1. This sounds so cool! Hehe, I am guilty to putting "dead" after a character's name in my notebook, when the tragic circumstance shows up. I like your new design!

  2. I LOVE the plot! It sounds really original and good.