DIY Geometrical Hanging Diamonds

Hello Everybody,
So, all of you who commented on my previous post seemed to want DIY posts...so, here I am, presenting you with a DIY post!
These geometrical diamonds are a really nice and simple way to decorate-you could use them for Christmas or put them up in your room year-round, like my sis and I are doing in our room.

Without further ado, here's what you'll need...

1. Straws.  (I used small cocktail straws, which were each about 6 inches long.  You can probably use any sort of straw though.)
2. Hot glue gun.  (And glue sticks, of course.)
3. Scissors.
4. Thread. (Or any other string you want to use.)
5. Spray paint.  (Now shown.)  (You can use any color you choose; I chose metallic blue, but gold or silver would look spectacular.)  
 Step 1:
Cut three six-inch straws in half, and lay out six three-inch straws in a hexagon shape, thus so...
Then proceed to glue them together at the corners.  You should now have a hexagon-shaped frame, like this:

Step 2:
Glue six six-inch straws onto the frame, starting at each corner and leaning towards the center, meeting the other straws.  Make sure to glue all of the straws together securely at the point.

Now you should have a little christmas-tree-type-thingy... 

Step 3:
Cut three six-inch straws into quarters.  You need six 1.5 inch pieces of straw.  Glue them onto the corners of the frame like in the picture below...

Ta-da!  Almost done!...

Step 4:
Take six more three-inch straw pieces, and glue them so that they join together the 1.5 inch straws.
For example...

And once you've finished that part...
You have your diamond!

Step 5:

Tie a piece of thread across the top of the diamond, leaving a little bit of slack, so that you have a sort of handle, like in the picture below:
Once you've got a handle, tie a longer piece of thread to the center of the handle.

And now, time to take the whole thing outside and hang it on a tree or something (unless, of course, you want spray paint fumes in your house). 

Step 6:
Spray paint the whole thing in the color of your choice. 
(From experience:  Make sure the wind is blowing away from you...) 

Let it dry, and then...

You're done!


Thanks for reading guys, and I hope this was fun and helpful :)  If you try it out for yourself, please do post a picture on your blog and comment below with the link, I'd love to see it.

Happy Holidays!

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