Don't Tell

Imagine a world where you are one of the only people who knows the truth about all the terrible things that are happening.  You know why these things are happening, and you know how to stop them.  But every time you open your mouth to try and tell someone...

Bam.  Someone appears and shoves their hand over your mouth, preventing you from speaking.

Even if you try to speak in code, someone will be there immediately, pressing their hand over your mouth so hard that you can't breathe.  They don't let go until you have to let go of the desire to spill out the terrible secrets dwelling in your brain.  As soon as you lose your will to tell whoever you were about to tell, they let go, giving you your breath back, and then they disappear into thin air.  They never say anything, never make threats.  They show up, keep you from telling the truth, and then disappear again.  And it's a different person-if you can call them that-every time. 

The worst part?
You seem to be the only person who can see them. 



  1. Stunning <3 such an intriguing and unique premise!

    - Ellie

  2. Wow!!! Love this! So beautifully written!

  3. GUURRRLLL! You gotta write a short story or something about this! it sounds AMAZING!! THE FEELZ THOUGH.

  4. That's amazing! You should totally write a short story on that!