Hey Everyone,

So...Merry Christmas!  Two more weeks!

I haven't posted in a while...

And I still don't know what to post...

Gah seriously though, help me guys-let me know what you want me to post.  I'll list four options below, and please do leave a comment telling me what you'd like to see on here soon :)

1. Random Posts (Oh, you know, me showing you random pics from the internet and commenting on birds flying by or ranting about life.  That kind of post.)

2. Writing (Me sharing random (short) stories I've written.)

3. Photography (I do have a lot of photos I need to share with you guys...)

4. DIY (Tutorials, blogging related or otherwise.  If you choose option #4 please give a few suggestions as to what sort of tutorials you'd like to see.)

So yes...this has been a very short and very boring post :(

...But if you guys help me out by commenting below, I'll be able to give you more interesting posts very very soon, right!?  :)
^shameless blackmailing. 

Anyways, as usual, thanks for reading and please comment. <3


  1. Umm, all of them maybe? Or, well, at least the last three. ;) I always appreciate blogging tutorial if they're helpful, and I love all things craftsy...so any of those would be great!

  2. DIYs! Fun ways to decorate your room would be nice.

  3. DIYs! and random posts! maybe Christmas baking or projects.