Experimenting (A story starter)

              Hello Everyone,

I've just started a book called "Writing Magic", written by Gail Carson Levine. It has a lot of helpful writing tips, as well as some fun prompts. I'm reading it in an effort to get myself out of the "I hate writing" phase that NaNoWriMo has left me in. The first prompt was to write the beginning of a story, starting with the sentence, "The first time I saw Stephen, he painted a hex sign on my right arm, and I couldn't move my fingers for three hours." Sounds interesting, right? So here is the story starter I wrote for it...I may continue it at some point, who knows?

The first time I saw Stephen, he painted a hex sign on my right arm, and I couldn’t move my fingers for three hours.  He was charming like that.
    “What in the world do you think you’re doing?!”  I shouted at him, desperately trying to move my fingers so that I could punch him square in the face.
     “Experimenting,” he said calmly.  “I need to know how long that hex will last.  Just be patient, will you?”
I glared at him, ignoring his last sentence, and demanded, “Well, how long is it supposed to last?”
He shrugged.  “I haven’t ever tried it on a human before.  The book estimated that it would last anywhere from two to five hours.  My guess would be that you’ll be able to move your fingers again in about two hours and thirty minutes, because these binding hexes don’t always last as long as the book claims.  I could be wrong though, so we’ll just have to wait and see.”
I stared at him.  “Wait, you have a book full of horrible things to paint on people’s arms so that they can’t move their fingers?  Isn’t that kind of in the category of black magic?”
He rolled his eyes at me and threw his hands into the air, acting as though I’d just asked him why the sky is blue and why we couldn’t paint it red.
   “First of all,” he said in an aggravatingly slow voice as if he were explaining things to a three year old, “of course I don’t have a book full of ‘horrible things to paint on people’s arms so that they can’t move their fingers’.  I have a book full of wonderfully useful hexes to paint on arms, foreheads, cheeks, hands, whatever.  And they all do something different.  Do you honestly think I would need a whole book with many different ways to accomplish one simple task?  And no, it’s not black magic.  It’s honest magic, and I only use it for self-defense.  Or, of course, to experiment,” he added, nodding in my direction.
  “And in which case,” I accused, glowering, “you take advantage of young maidens walking along the road, minding their own business.  If that’s not chivalry, I don’t know what is.”
He smiled cheekily.  “Thank you, and you’re welcomed.”   

Thanks for reading!
I'll post some more prompts that I write while reading this book.  
-Anna <3


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