Q&A Vlog Announcement

Who wants to find out more about me?
 You all do, right?  Of course you do. 
    My blog's 3-Year Birthday is coming up, which means I have been posting random and more or less useless things on the internet for almost three years.  That's crazy.  What's even crazier is that people have been reading my rants and ramblings on for almost three years.  
          You guys have been reading my writings for three years (more or less; some of you are newer followers of course), and you've seen pictures of me on occasion- but you've never seen me "in real life" or heard my voice.  Sooo, that being pointed out...how would you guys like to hear my voice and see me "in action"?  I decided to do something special for this "blogiversary", and that special thing is a Q&A vlog.  I've done a few Q&As before where you guys asked me questions and I answered them, but I've never done a blog for you...so that's what we're gonna do now.  But...I need your help.
         What I need from you guys is questions...lots and lots of questions!  This is the time to get nosy, guys.  Anything you've ever wanted to ask me about or anything you want to hear me talk about in person...ask away.  (Note:  Not literally anything, please keep it family-friendly and decent and all that.)
    I may not be able to answer ALL of the  questions, but I'll try to answer as many as possible. 

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